Jiangsu Province issued 12 key measures to urge hazardous chemical production and storage enterprises to implement the main responsibility

Latest News: Jiangsu Provincial Safety Committee Office has recently issued the “Twelve Key Measures for the Implementation of Main Responsibility for Safety Production by Hazardous Chemical Production and Storage Enterprises in Jiangsu Province” to prevent and reduce various production safety accidents from the source.

In terms of responsibility implementation, it is required to strengthen the implementation of the responsibility of the main person in charge. The main person in charge of the enterprise must strictly implement the safety production responsibilities stipulated in Article 21 of the Safety Production Law, organize a comprehensive inspection of production safety at least once every quarter, and hold a special meeting on production safety to strengthen Implementation of the safety production responsibility system for all employees. In terms of basic management, enterprises are required to strengthen production and operation in accordance with laws and regulations, strictly prohibit the use of equipment and processes that endanger production safety, and eliminate and update outdated and outdated equipment and processes in a timely manner. , Continue to carry out the digital construction of safety risk classification management and control and hidden danger investigation and management. For production devices or storage devices involving “two key points and one major”, operators will inspect once an hour, and operators of other production devices will inspect once every 2 hours.

Jiangsu Province requires hazardous chemical production and storage enterprises to enhance the level of intrinsic safety, actively use new processes, new equipment, new technologies, and new materials, and widely adopt advanced technologies such as intelligence and digitalization. Construction and application of process automation; strengthen the safety management of dangerous operations, and formulate safety management systems for special operations such as hot work, confined space, blind plate extraction, height, hoisting, temporary electricity use, ground breaking, and circuit breaking. In addition, Jiangsu Province has also put forward clear requirements for the production and storage enterprises of hazardous chemicals in strengthening professional personnel allocation, safety education and training, safety production capital investment, and emergency rescue management.