Jiangxi Xinlianxin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.’s 100,000-ton DMF project was successfully started

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At 21:56 on August 30th, after more than 13 months, after more than 400 days and nights of hard work by Jiangxi Xinlianxin Chemical Co., Ltd. and all project participants of the construction unit, the company’s DMF system successfully produced qualified products, marking the Jiangxi Xinlianxin Company’s 100,000-ton DMF project was successfully started.

Jiangxi Xinlianxin Company’s 100,000-ton DMF project will officially start civil construction in July 2021. During the period, all participating units faced objective unfavorable conditions such as tight construction schedules and heavy tasks, repeated epidemics, and high temperature and heat.
The more setbacks the braver, the more courageous
Scientific and rigorous” construction concept. During the construction process, especially since May 2022, under the limited site and continuous high temperature weather, the company organized more than 2,300 “big corps” to fight, and innovatively realized the equipment hoisting “wearing clothes and hats, The tower lights up”, which achieved the “heart-to-heart velocity” of completing the installation of 13 tower trays in 35 days.

In the process of driving, faced with various problems, the participating units never made excuses, the management cadres took the lead, everyone ate and lived on the scene, sticked to the front line, did not wait, tried every means, mobilized all resources, worked all night, Fighting all night, gnawed one hard bone after another. In the end, with the hard work of everyone, the 100,000-ton DMF project was successfully driven.

The tide is flat and the wind is strong, taking advantage of the momentum to open up a new chapter. Li Yushun, the general technical consultant of Xinlianxin Group, said that the successful commissioning of the 100,000-ton DMF project is the result of the company’s implementation of “fertilizer-based”
The important practice of the development orientation of “simultaneous development of fertilizer and chemical” is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading of the Heart to Heart Group, the optimization of the industrial structure, and the enhancement of comprehensive competitiveness.

Shang Dewei, general manager of Jiangxi Heart to Heart, said that in the next step, the company will follow the strategy of “strengthening the chain, extending the chain and supplementing the chain”, and practice “hard work by yourself” with practical actions.
The heart-to-heart soul of “meeting the needs of others”, contributes new and greater strength to the realization of the Jiangxi Heart-to-Heart “Ten Billion Base” development plan and the Heart-to-Heart Group’s “100 Billion Dream” grand goal.