Kaizhong’s revenue in the first half of the year increased by 8.57%, and won a number of new energy projects

Latest News: On the evening of August 22, Kaizhong shares disclosed its 2022 semi-annual report, showing that the company achieved operating income of 273 million yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of 8.57%; The profit was 26.8069 million yuan.

Kaizhong Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the shock absorption components of the automobile chassis suspension system and the lightweight pedal assembly of the control system. In the field of non-automotive parts, it has deployed high-performance polyurethane bearing wheels. Among them, in terms of products related to shock absorption components of the chassis suspension system, Kaizhong Co., Ltd. has previously broken the monopoly position of foreign-funded enterprises for many years. At present, its share in the domestic market has reached about 33%, and its market share has continued to increase.

Kaizhong shares said that the company obtained new projects worth about 217 million yuan in the first half of the year, reaching the annual budget target, and the new products achieved operating income of 34.28 million yuan that year. Among them, the company’s polyurethane shock absorption component business has won several projects from mainstream car companies such as General Motors, Volkswagen Group, Chery, SAIC, and Geely. The company’s lightweight pedal business has obtained most of the new model projects of SAIC Passenger Car, Chery and Geely Automobile; in addition, the company has obtained the Sirius and libir projects of Weilai Automobile, the W and X projects of Ideal Motors, and the new car power customers. Peng Automobile H93 project, etc.

In terms of customer expansion, in the first half of 2022, Kaizhong Co., Ltd. passed the new supplier access audit of OEMs such as Changan Automobile, FAW Hongqi, Jaguar Land Rover, and Geely Commercial Vehicles.

It is worth noting that the shock absorber components and lightweight pedal assemblies of the automobile chassis suspension system of Kaizhong Co., Ltd. cover the traditional models of traditional car companies, as well as new energy models of traditional car companies and new energy of new car manufacturers. model.

The semi-annual report shows that in the first half of the year, Kaizhong achieved sales of about 3.81 million shock-absorbing components for new energy vehicles, accounting for about 35.8% of the new energy passenger vehicle market; the company has successively obtained Great Wall DE30, SAIC S11L, BYD ESEA/HCHM/ SA2HG, Xiaopeng H93, Zhiji P12L, Zhiji S12L, Changan EPA platform, GAC Aian A02 platform projects. At the same time, the company has also jointly developed a number of projects with the recent popular new energy “new car building forces”.

In addition, in the first half of the year, Kaizhong achieved sales of about 320,000 lightweight pedal assemblies for new energy vehicles, accounting for about 11.2% of the new energy passenger vehicle market; based on the original new energy customers and development projects, successfully developed high-end high-end The sensor brake pedal has been put into production in NIO’s new project.

In terms of technology, Kaizhong Co., Ltd. said that the basic research and development of the company’s suspension system is proceeding normally as planned, and the acceptance of 1/4 of the test equipment has been completed. With substantial advancement, the systematic R&D capabilities associated with products will be significantly improved. This means that in addition to ensuring basic research and development work, the company can also obtain opportunities for the development of new models supporting products for customers in advance; according to reports, the laboratory of Kaizhong R&D Center has been recognized by mainstream domestic OEMs such as NIO, GM and Geely. .

Kaizhong shares also stated in the semi-annual report that Shanghai Kuoyue Information Technology Co., Ltd., which the company has invested in, is positioned to build a basic on-board computer for smart cars. It will reach B-like status in 2022.

In addition, high-performance polyurethane load-bearing wheels are the non-automotive business segment of Kaizhong Co., Ltd. This product is mainly used in automation equipment industries such as logistics conveyor lines, electric forklifts, AGV intelligent storage and handling equipment, tunnel excavation shield equipment and automobile production lines. At present, Kaizhong is cooperating with internationally renowned polyurethane raw material suppliers to develop the domestic market.

It is worth mentioning that Kaizhong shares is promoting the repurchase of the company’s shares. The company plans to repurchase the company’s shares with its own funds of no less than 30 million yuan and no more than 60 million yuan. The relevant shares are planned to be used for the subsequent implementation of employee ownership. stock plan. As of the end of July this year, the company has repurchased 1,678,900 shares, accounting for 1.60% of the company’s total share capital, and the repurchase funds that have been paid are 27.98 million yuan.