KRAIBURG TPE to Exhibit Leading TPE Products for Medical and Healthcare at 2022 Medical Manufacturing Asia and Medical Supplies Exhibition in Singapore

Latest News:KRAIBURG TPE is the world’s leading TPE manufacturer, offering a wide range of TPE products and custom solutions for a variety of industries. The company will run from August 31st to September 2nd
Singapore Medical Manufacturing Asia and Medical Fair held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Asia), and debuted at the exhibition with a new series of TPE products for medical and health care.

Thermoplastic elastomers are in high demand in the medical industry due to their properties such as durability, flexibility, sterility and biocompatibility. Medical-grade TPE from KRAIBURG TPE
Clean and free of impurities, it meets the highest processing safety standards. Utilize a multi-component injection molding process to make it suitable for polyolefins (PP, PE, COC, COP) and engineering thermoplastics (such as ABS, PC, PET-G
and polyamide) with good encapsulation. These low-friction, highly elastic, translucent compounds also feature high compression set and superior resealing properties. They can be processed by injection molding or extrusion and are capable of various pre-coloring treatments.

KRAIBURG TPE offers THERMOLAST H and THERMOLAST M series for various industrial applications.

Thermoplastic H-Series: a new thermoplastic material for the Asia Pacific healthcare and medical device markets

KRAIBURG TPE’s new THERMOLAST H-Series is designed for healthcare and medical device applications in the Asia Pacific market.

THERMOLAST H has a variety of properties, including autoclavable at 121°C and EtO, no toxic substances, no silicone, latex, PVC and phthalates, etc., to ensure material safety. This series conforms to
ISO 10993-5, GB/T 16886.5 and other applied medical standards. At the same time, Thermoplastic H complies with China’s national standard GB4806, US FDA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) No. 21
Regulations and global food regulatory standards such as European Commission Regulation (EU) 10/2011, RoHS and REACH.

THERMOLAST H is custom-made for the Asian market and comes in two series, the HC/AP series for healthcare and medical applications; HC/RS/AP
The series are suitable for medical resealing applications.

The HC/RS/AP series is available in PP and PE finished products for applications requiring properties such as good resealing, comfortable feel and compression set.
The product is translucent and can be pre-colored in the factory according to special project requirements.

Thermoplastic M-Series – First Choice for High Transparency

KRAIBURG TPE’s medical-grade THERMOLAST M series is available in translucent, clear, natural, high-transparency and pre-colored options. This family of compounds complies with VDI 2017 and ISO 10993-5
regulations, which are included in the Drug Master Inventory.

Featured TPE
The series have good resealing and compression set properties, and are characterized by low friction and high elasticity. Through a multi-component injection molding process, it is suitable for polyolefins (PP, PE, COC, COP) and engineering thermoplastics (such as
ABS, PC, PET-G and polyamide) have good encapsulation properties.

Furthermore, KRAIBURG TPE’s medical service package guarantees optimum raw material purity and a reliable 24-month supply guarantee. This family of compounds also ensures optimum safety through excellent control management.