LANXESS Modulast PUR modifiers enable higher performance and economy

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● Process TPU in a more efficient way

● Reduce consumption of key raw materials and overcome current supply bottlenecks

● Shorter molding cycle and excellent mold release performance

● Better color, compression set and abrasion resistance

Since 2020, the international supply chain has been affected by the new crown epidemic, and the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war has further exacerbated the supply bottleneck. We have every reason to use resources as economically as possible. Using Modulast from specialty chemicals company LANXESS, according to the latest examples from the industry
PUR modifiers that reduce polyol and isocyanate consumption while maintaining and often improving the physical properties of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers) in application.

Highest purity and lowest hydroxyl value

Modulast PUR is a proprietary dibenzoate with the highest purity (>98%) and lowest hydroxyl number (< 2 mg KOH/g) on ​​the market. This product has excellent color, abrasion resistance and compression set. In addition, the product has a very low tendency to migrate due to its high compatibility.

Savings on raw materials and manufacturing costs

By adding up to 30 wt. % (typically 20 wt. %) of modifiers, the consumption of dense polyols and isocyanates and the overall cost of raw materials can be significantly reduced. During production, the reduced molding/de-mold temperature range helps reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

Maintain excellent mechanical properties

The high purity and low hydroxyl value of PUR allow for a more thorough and efficient reaction of the polyol and isocyanate, allowing the polyurethane to maintain excellent mechanical properties such as high load-carrying capacity (compression set) and excellent strength and toughness, and reduce the chance of component failure Possibility (wear resistance).

Modulast PUR has excellent HSE properties and is easy to handle without labelling in the US and Canada.

LANXESS’s high-purity Modulast PUR modifier enables a more thorough and efficient reaction between polyols and isocyanates, thereby maintaining excellent mechanical properties of polyurethanes, which can be used in fields such as sports shoe soles .