make a record! Russian media: Coal prices in the Asia-Pacific region exceed $400 per ton

According to a report by Russian satellite news agency Moscow on June 27, Bloomberg reported that coal prices in the Asia-Pacific region reached a record level of more than $400 per ton, citing data from IHS Markit and exchange brokers. The world fuel struggle is concerned.

The spot coal price in Australia’s Newcastle port rose 3.4% on the 24th to a record level of $402.5 a ton, according to a bi-weekly index compiled by IHS Markit.

According to reports, this is the first time the data has risen above $400.

According to Bloomberg, this is fueled by a growing global fuel shortage. On June 24, a shipment of coal supplied to Europe in July was sold at $421 a tonne, what exchange brokers said was an all-time high for coal prices in the region.