Make every effort to ensure energy security

Coordinate development and safety, actively respond to the current prominent contradictions in energy supply, and give full play to the bottom line of coal to ensure the safety of electricity consumption this year. This is an important policy focus pointed out by the video and telephone conference on energy supply guarantee during the peak summer season held recently. In the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is very important to do our best to ensure energy supply.

   my country is in a critical period of steady growth, facing the dual contradictions of energy supply and energy demand, energy supply and energy transformation, and there is great uncertainty in energy supply and energy consumption. Under the “dual carbon” goal, the reduction of energy supply capacity caused by the reduction of fossil energy supply and the problems of grid connection and consumption caused by the large-scale development of clean energy coexist, and the gradual withdrawal of clean energy from traditional energy has not yet formed a safe and reliable alternative. The contradiction between supply guarantee and energy transition is prominent. In this regard, security and development, security and emission reduction goals must be considered in an overall manner, and the security and stable supply of energy must be fully guaranteed from multiple perspectives and at multiple levels.

   First, we must enhance the coal supply capacity. It is necessary to strengthen the exploration and development of coal, grasp the incremental space and growth capacity of my country’s coal, and reasonably carry out the development and layout of coal resources. The capacity building of coal transportation, collection and distribution and coal reserve capacity should be strengthened, and a coal supply system combining coal production and reserve should be established. At the same time, improve the dynamic monitoring and early warning mechanism for coal reserve management.

   Second, we must enhance the independent supply capacity of oil and gas. It is necessary to strengthen domestic oil and gas exploration and development, actively promote the stable production of old oil and gas fields in the east, increase production capacity construction in new areas, and realize the orderly succession of oil and gas resource development. Efforts shall be made to seize new opportunities for the development of unconventional oil and gas resources, promote the research and development and application of key technologies for the efficient development and utilization of deep, deep water and unconventional oil and gas resources, and increase the investment and transformation of carbon emission reduction optimization technologies in all aspects of oil and gas production, transportation, storage and sales. . In addition, the oil and gas storage and adjustment capabilities should be improved, the construction of reserve facilities should be promoted in a coordinated manner, and the management and storage adjustment capabilities and external transportation adjustment capabilities should be improved.

   Third, we must enhance the power supply capacity. On the power supply side, we will adhere to both centralized and distributed development, vigorously promote the development of renewable energy, increase the scope of implementation of coal-fired power energy-saving and carbon-reduction transformation, flexibility transformation, and heating transformation, and improve the ability of coal-fired power to support new energy. On the power grid side, further optimize and improve the grid grid, give full play to the role of the optimal allocation of large power grid resources, realize the mutual aid between surplus and deficiency between power grids, actively promote the layout and construction of micro grids, and meet the needs of new energy sources such as energy storage, electric vehicles and large power grids. energy exchange requirements. On the load side, demand response is actively carried out, and real-time electricity price signals are used to guide power users to adjust their power consumption behavior independently, so as to reduce the peak load of the power system and fill the valley power consumption. (Wang Peng)