Nantong carries out a major inspection of safety production, “screening” chemical and hazardous chemical companies one by one

Original title: Our city carries out a major inspection of safety production, and “screens” chemical and hazardous chemical companies one by one

More than 5,000 problems were found and 25 cases were filed

The week-long inspection of the safety production of chemical and hazardous chemical companies has ended. The reporter recently learned from the Office of the Municipal Safety Committee that in this major inspection of production safety, a total of 2,104 enterprises were inspected at the city and county levels, and more than 5,000 problems were found. Regarding the problems found in the inspection, 25 cases have been filed, and 4 were ordered to suspend production and business.

From June 19th, the Municipal Safety Committee Office organized 10 inspection teams from the departments of industry and information technology, ecological environment, emergency management, and safety and environmental protection experts to conduct inspections in various places. This major inspection is based on the general requirements of “full coverage, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement, and emphasis on practical results”. In terms of the establishment and implementation of the responsibility system, the identification and control of safety risks, and the investigation and management of hidden dangers, the inspection points of “15+X” for safety production and “32+Y” for environmental protection are clarified, and all chemical and hazardous chemicals enterprises in the city are “screened one by one”. “.

It is worth mentioning that this time, on the basis of realizing the full coverage of chemical and hazardous chemicals enterprises in the city, the inspection tentacles will be further extended to key hazardous chemical users, hazardous chemical transportation enterprises and dangerous goods port enterprises. , highlight the hidden dangers of key links, key parts, and important facilities, and through on-site inquiries and other methods, test the importance and familiarity of the main person in charge of the enterprise and the relevant safety management personnel on safety production work, so as to ensure the early detection and rectification of hidden risks. At present, 232 chemical and hazardous chemical enterprises have been inspected, and 1,296 safety production problems, 897 environmental protection problems, 7 major accidents and hidden dangers have been found, and 347 enterprises have rectified on the spot; 1,776 key hazardous chemicals users have been inspected. , found 2933 problems, and urged enterprises to rectify 893 items on the spot; 87 hazardous chemical transportation enterprises have achieved full coverage of inspections; 9 major hazard source enterprises in ports have investigated 160 hidden dangers, and all rectifications have been completed.

“From this inspection, the overall safety production level of chemical and hazardous chemical enterprises in the city has been rising steadily, but some enterprises still have irregular storage of hazardous chemicals, inadequate maintenance of safety equipment and facilities, and safety production responsibility system. Unsound and other common problems, the long-term shutdown enterprises in some areas still have materials on site, the management is not strict enough, and there are certain safety risks.” Zhang Wei, director of the Hazardous Chemical Division of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, introduced that for the hidden problems found in the inspection, each inspection team All of them have been assigned to relevant territorial departments, requiring all localities to implement their territorial supervision responsibilities, and urging enterprises to rectify problems in a timely manner. On the basis of a comprehensive review of the county (city, district), relevant municipal departments will conduct random inspections to ensure closed-loop management. If the rectification is not in place or the accident occurs due to poor work, it will be investigated and held accountable.

In view of the current weather characteristics such as high temperature, lightning, heavy rain, and strong winds, our city has further strengthened the research and judgment on the safety risks of chemical and hazardous chemical enterprises and the management and control of safety risks on the operation site, and formulated and implemented safety precautions. Combined with the ongoing special actions such as the “Hundred Days Action” to rectify the safety of hazardous chemical enterprises, all localities and departments will severely crack down on “three super-smarts and one robberies”, equipment “running with diseases” and illegal production, storage, and operation of dangerous goods. Chemicals and other acts, implement joint punishment, increase exposure, maintain a high-pressure situation of supervision and law enforcement, and ensure a stable and orderly safe production situation in the city’s chemical and hazardous chemical industries. (Yu Huijuan)