Nippon New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. officially put into production in Quanzhou

Latest News: On June 1, the first phase of Nippon New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. was officially put into production in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.

Quanzhou is located in the southeast of Fujian Province, facing the sea and mountains. It is one of the central cities in the economic zone on the west coast of the Taiwan Strait approved by the Fujian Provincial People’s Government and a modern industrial and trade port city. The project of Nippon New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. is located in It is located in Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is a national economic and technological development zone approved in 2010. The Nippon New Material (Fujian) Co., Ltd. project covers a total area of ​​240 acres and is constructed in two phases. The first phase of the project covers an area of ​​80 acres and has a designed production capacity of 100,000 tons of interior and exterior wall coatings.


The first phase of Nippon New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. was officially put into production

The project of Nippon New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. was officially signed in April 2020, and the construction was started on September 28, 2021, and it was completed and put into operation on June 1, 2022. The construction period only took 8 months, and it continued to maintain its establishment. State efficient plant construction speed. In March 2022, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, Quanzhou pressed the slow button for life and production. Under the premise of ensuring the health and safety of construction workers, Nippon Paint’s Quanzhou project has never stopped construction. With the full support of the government, Nippon Paint’s partners and builders worked together to advance various constructions in an orderly manner, ensuring that the first phase of Nippon New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. was put into production on schedule.

The first-phase project of Nippon New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. is the second factory that Nippon State put into production within one month after the commissioning of Nippon New Materials (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. on May 4. In recent years, one Nippon plant after another has been put into production, which is the result of the hard work of Nippon people. A solid supply chain guarantee system has also established a solid foundation for Nippon Paint’s future high-quality development.


Nippon State New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. Project Plan

The project of Nippon New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. is a digital-intelligent, green, and environmentally friendly benchmark factory built according to “Intelligent Manufacturing, Industry 4.0”. The smooth commissioning of this project has further improved the layout of Nippon’s supply chain in southern China, which will help Nippon Paint increase its overall production capacity, as well as increase Nippon’s product delivery rate in southern China and even across the country, allowing Nippon to produce for the market more efficiently High quality paint products. With green building materials with both safety, environmental protection and excellent functionality, it contributes to the process of beautiful rural construction, and contributes to sustainable development and the creation of low-carbon human settlements. At the same time, through the improvement of production capacity, we will drive the green transformation and upgrading of the industry, and work with industry partners to seize green development opportunities.

In the future, Nippon Paint will also continue to adhere to the sustainable development concept of “sustainable land is wonderful”, plan the development blueprint of the upstream and downstream industrial chains, focus on intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and be guided by the green transformation of the whole chain, the whole process and the whole link. , to do everything possible to build a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable development model, lead the industry’s green future, and help the country’s “double carbon” goal.