PetroChina develops battery leasing business to create a standard service platform

Latest News: On September 21, Shanghai Jieneng Intelligent Electric New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Nengzhi Electric Company”) was formally established. The new company will focus on the power battery leasing business, carry out research and development and promotion of battery replacement technology, battery operation management, big data services, etc., build a complete ecology of vehicle-electricity separation, and create a standardized platform to bring new energy vehicle owners safer, more reliable, more convenient and faster. travel experience.

As new energy vehicles enter the growth period from the introduction period, meeting consumer needs and improving consumer experience have become the focus of industry development. Entering the “14th Five-Year Plan”, in accordance with the three-step overall deployment of “clean replacement, strategic replacement, and green transformation”, CNPC vigorously promotes the large-scale development of new energy business and strives to build a new pattern of multi-energy complementarity. In recent years, PetroChina Sales Branch has closely focused on the transformation goal of an internationally renowned and domestic first-class integrated service provider of “oil, gas, hydrogen and electricity”, and has carried out joint ventures and cooperation with brother companies, leading car companies and battery companies. More than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have built and put into use 203 charging and swapping stations.

In order to speed up the popularization of the battery swap model, promote the unification of standards, and improve the user experience, PetroChina fully integrates the advantages of all parties in clean energy supply, new energy vehicle and battery research and development, intelligent network connection, and intelligent transportation, and actively builds a new smart lease of smart electricity. The platform, taking the vehicle-electricity separation mode as the starting point, regards the battery as a part of the energy service, and provides a standardized and universal solution for the industry.

At present, “Jie Neng Smart Electric Company” is carrying out business platform construction in an all-round way, and will launch battery-changing models across multiple brands and covering all categories in the early stage. At the same time, the company will bring consumers a full range of new energy replenishment experiences – renting instead of buying to reduce the initial car purchase cost; rechargeable and replaceable, various and more convenient ways to replenish energy; vehicle value preservation, eliminating the need for batteries The reduction in the vehicle valuation due to the attenuation.

In the future, PetroChina will further increase the investment in charging and swapping business based on the early service of taxis, online car-hailing and other operating vehicles, and gradually realize full coverage of all passenger vehicles. There are more than 1,000 power stations, upgrade and build a comprehensive energy service network of “replaceable and rechargeable”, and promote the power exchange industry into the era of standardization.