Pingmei Shenma 30 million yuan award for scientific and technological achievements

Latest News: A few days ago, China Pingmei Shenma Group held the 2022 Science and Technology Innovation Conference, and spent more than 30 million yuan to reward scientific and technological progress and management innovation achievements, as well as advanced collectives and advanced individuals who have made outstanding contributions . “This is the first incentive bonus for scientific research and development and achievement transformation of our group. For major scientific research projects in 2021, a one-time reward for major research and development achievements, benefit dividends, equity options and other incentives will be implemented.” The relevant person in charge of the group said.

It is reported that of the 13 projects that have received incentives for scientific research development and achievement transformation, 5 projects have won one-time heavy awards, of which 4 projects have won 1 million yuan; benefit dividends; 2 items received equity incentives. Among them, the “Major Project of Gas Surface Drainage in Eastern Pingding Mountain Mine Area” of Pingmei Coal Mining and Utilization Research Institute, and the “Pilot Project of All-Vanadium Flow Battery Energy Storage System” of Kaifeng Pingmei New Carbon Material Technology Co., Ltd. were all awarded at one time. 1,000,000 yuan prize; Cord Fabric Development Company’s “development and application of key technologies for high-strength nylon 66 dope dyed fiber” and other incentives to benefit from dividends.

“One-time rewards for major R&D achievements, benefit dividends, and equity options allow scientific researchers to earn more with more work, and gain benefits and status.” said Li Mao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Pingmei Shenma Group.

In recent years, the group has always placed scientific and technological innovation at the core of high-quality transformation and development, building mechanisms, building platforms, tackling key problems, and cultivating talents. In 2021, the group revised and improved the incentive measures for scientific and technological progress and management innovation. For the first time, major scientific research projects adopted precise and quantitative assessment. According to the node progress and contribution performance, monthly assessment and quarterly cash, the research and development of key projects was completed 2,552 days earlier in total, and the company’s technological innovation The comprehensive performance ranks first among state-owned enterprises in the province.

The main research goals of the group this year are: R&D investment reaches more than 2% of the main revenue scale, key enterprises reach more than 3%, the R&D activity coverage rate of industrial enterprises above designated size reaches more than 90%, and more than 200 new intellectual property rights are added. , won more than 5 provincial and ministerial industry-level scientific and technological progress awards, the reorganization of the national key laboratory of the group was completed, the regional research center was steadily advanced, the “six batches” were more complete, and the construction of a world-class scientific and technological innovation work system was accelerated.

“In the next step, Pingmei Shenma Group will deepen the reform of the system and mechanism of scientific and technological innovation, make the orientation of ‘the salary depends on the project, and the reward depends on the results’ to become more clear, and encourage scientific researchers to work more, get more benefits, and have a position. Incentives and reverse forces stimulate the vitality of innovation and creation. At the same time, the company focuses on three core industries, faces the frontier of technology, concentrates on advantageous elements, strengthens communication and connection with relevant government departments, and makes full use of supporting innovation policies. , and steadily improve the market competitiveness of existing products, as well as the proportion of high-end ‘fist’ products, market recognition and market share.” Li Mao said.