Plastics Processing Association signs RCEP memorandum of cooperation to promote plastic enterprises to go overseas

Latest News: In order to help enterprises seize development opportunities, promote the construction of RCEP, promote cooperation between plastic processing industries and enterprises in China and RCEP member countries, and build a bridge for cooperation between enterprises in China and other RCEP member countries,
On July 27, 2022, Wang Zhanjie, Chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, and Jia Ning, Deputy Secretary-General and Director of the Economic Cooperation Department, went to the China-ASEAN Business Council, with Xu Ningning, Executive Director and Chairman of the RCEP Industrial Cooperation Committee, and Office Director and Director of the China-ASEAN Business Council. Wu Chongyi, deputy secretary-general of the RCEP Industrial Cooperation Committee, held a discussion and signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with the China-ASEAN Business Council RECP Industrial Cooperation Committee.

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Chairman Wang Zhanjie (left) and Chairman Xu Ningning

During the discussion, Chairman Wang Zhanjie introduced to Chairman Xu Ningning the economic operation of China’s plastics processing industry and the work carried out by China Plastics Processing Industry Association for service industry enterprises. He said that the China Plastics Processing Industry Association is committed to building a technology, trade, exchange and service platform for enterprises. The 2022 China International Plastics Exhibition will be held in Nanjing from November 2 to 4, 2022, which can be organized for enterprises during the exhibition. An RCEP cooperation docking exchange meeting will strengthen the industry-industry docking, combine the topics of concern of enterprises, and conduct careful and practical cooperation, which will promote the development of the industry. Chairman Xu Ningning paid close attention to the work carried out by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association. He suggested holding a RCEP round table during the exhibition, inviting counselors from RCEP member countries and representatives of related enterprises to participate in the discussion to discuss cooperation and development opportunities and help enterprises develop well.