PU China Exhibition held in Nanjing

Eleventh China International Polyurethane Exhibition held in Nanjing, many world-renowned companies are showcasing new products and innovations, contact customers, explore new business opportunities. SKC, Huntsman, Evonik, Shell and other famous enterprises have to seize the best booth exhibit.

“Going green” is not only eye-catching printed on the exhibition organizer China Minmetals Group, China Polyurethane Industry Association kits, and deeply rooted in the idea of ​​participating enterprises and products. Shandong joint creation, surplus Heng Chemical and other companies displayed with a variety of wall decoration materials with the composite insulation panels, polyurethane foam by the addition of a flame retardant and reduced flammability, make building’s exterior wall and decorative molding , but also greatly reduce the security risks of the construction process. Secretary-General of China Polyurethane Industry Association, Mr. Zhu Changchun introduced polyurethane foam insulation material is one of the best performance, 50% of the United States and Europe polyurethane building insulation materials, building insulation of polyurethane in the field of application rate was 10%. “With the Ministry of Public Security Fire Administration No. 65 Cancellation and related policies, polyurethane insulation sheet will usher in new opportunities.” Association will promote green innovation, so that the next five years or so in the country of polyurethane building insulation materials in the field of application rate of 50% .

“Domestic polyurethane industry has made considerable progress in recent years, the quality of some products have superior chemical Wanhua international famous enterprises.” A gentleman from Suzhou Industrial Park said. He visited several sessions of the show, witnessed vigorous development of the exhibition and the process of internationalization of the polyurethane industry. The exhibition is located in the heart of Wanhua Chemical exhibited a few small biodegradable sponge, attracting over 8,000 eye balls. National Polyurethane Engineering Technology researcher Hao introduced, it can be used for surgical hemostatic materials, tissue fluid absorption swelling bleeding, begin to degrade within the design time and excreted, safe and nontoxic, avoid the second surgery.

Zhu Changchun said that the contribution of the development of the polyurethane industry for medical devices in the field of more than that. Polyurethane materials medical needle because without the addition of plasticizers, fluids and greatly improved patient comfort, can also be recycled after disinfection; polyurethane material is more flexible splints can reduce pain fracture wounded; polyurethane coating gauze also increased the permeability of the wound easier to heal ……

Exhibition hall on the second floor conference room arranged for 10 games products and technical seminars, Shell, ICL, Huntsman and other industry experts and leading companies are shared with the audience their environmental protection and efficient fire retardant, the latest research new memory foam, etc. results, involving foam, soft foam, luggage materials, shoe materials and automotive materials.

The exhibition attracted include polyurethane raw materials, chemicals, products, equipment, research areas, including 150 domestic and international exhibitors, Jiangsu enterprises accounted for a large proportion. The very fact that one from Shaoxing, Zhejiang, said the exhibition also provides for the majority of dealers to broaden their horizons, contact the feelings opportunities. She said: “This session of the exhibition can be described as standing in Nanjing friends to see the world.”