Puyang Chemical Calcium Carbide Project Completed and Passed Acceptance

Latest News: On July 15th, Puyang Chemical organized the completion and acceptance of the 200,000-ton/year calcium carbide project (the first phase of 100,000-ton annual construction project). Yanshan County Construction Engineering Quality Supervision Station, Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Fourth Construction Co., Ltd., Yunnan Second Installation Engineering Company, Yunnan Guokai Construction Supervision Consulting Co., Ltd., China Nonferrous Metals Industry Kunming Survey and Design Institute, Yunnan Chemical Design Institute The relevant leaders of Co., Ltd. and Puyang Chemical participated in the completion acceptance.

Puyang Chemical’s 200,000 tons/year calcium carbide project (the first phase of 100,000 tons/year construction project) is under the strong support, cooperation and concern of the leaders of the relevant higher-level departments, through the joint efforts of all personnel of the survey, design, supervision, construction and construction units. With its efforts, the acceptance committee conducted a careful survey of the project site on the afternoon of July 15, and carefully reviewed the required materials, and held a completion acceptance meeting at 3:00 pm in the conference room on the third floor of the company.

The meeting listened to Yunnan Puyang Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.’s report on project construction and production and operation, the construction unit’s report on completion acceptance, the survey unit’s report on the project’s survey opinions and summary, the construction unit’s report on the construction quality of the project, contract performance and execution National laws, regulations and mandatory standards for engineering construction, the supervisory unit reports the project supervision approval opinions and summaries, and reports from all participating units. Completion acceptance, the construction unit needs to be within 15
Completion of the project completion acceptance record within working days.

It was unanimously agreed that the 200,000-ton/year calcium carbide project of Yunnan Puyang Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. (the first-phase 100,000-ton-year construction project) passed the completion acceptance.