Roboze launches bio-based polyamide for sustainable high-performance 3D printing

Latest News: Roboze Corporation will present at Formnext
A new bio-based polyamide is on display at the 2022 show. The new material, derived from renewable resources, is the first result of the company’s focus on research and development of future supermaterials.

The new technopolymer is produced from bio-based polyamides reinforced with natural fibers.

Roboze believes that sustainability is an “essential prerequisite” for the continuous progress of people and the planet. The company invests in research and development of diverse solutions to meet all stages of commodity development and production.

The company says it has developed a technology that makes additive manufacturing comparable to traditional methods by achieving its first goal of distributing many micro-factories using Roboze technology around the world as a foundation to realize a new mode of production.

At Formnext, Roboze will present new polyamides, the first result of its commitment to research and develop supermaterials that “accelerate the transition to sustainable manufacturing”.

Simone, Head of Materials Science, Roboze for New Materials R&D
“The birth of bio-based polyamides is the result of Roboze’s commitment to developing high-performance eco-sustainable products combined with the creativity and technical skills of the R&D team,” said Dr. Musso.

According to the company, the bio-based polyamide has excellent properties in terms of low hygroscopicity, retention of mechanical properties after water absorption and dimensional stability. The printed part still has a smooth black surface.

According to Roboze, the new material offers the same specifications and properties as carbon fiber-reinforced petroleum-based polyamides, but with 60 percent lower CO2 emissions. The company says the new material will allow manufacturing companies to move closer to their sustainability goals, contributing to a better future for the planet.

The 3D printing process using the new bio-based polyamide can also reduce emissions by producing certain components, such as jigs and fixtures, which can be performed in a cryogenic environment and lower extrusion temperatures. Bio-based polyamides are also fully recyclable, as both the polymer and reinforcement are bio-based.

Dr Simone Musso added: “At Roboze we want to revolutionise manufacturing, but at the same time focus on environmental issues.”