Rogers Corporation Introduces PORON® 92PL Polyurethane Foam for Electronic Devices

Latest: On July 22, 2022, Rogers Corporation announced PORON® 92PL, the latest material in PORON® 4790-92 series of ultra-soft, slow-rebound polyurethane foams.

92L polyurethane foam is very soft, has increased cohesive strength, is easy to process, conforms, but returns to its original shape for long-term performance in smart devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart wearables .

PORON 92PL Polyurethane Foam with PORON
Other material solutions in the 92 portfolio offer the same compression force and excellent resistance to compression set, making them ideal for design engineers looking for an ultra-soft, slow-rebound formulation without compromising sealing or compression performance.

“The design of electronic devices is becoming more and more challenging,” said Stephanie Zhang, Marketing Manager, Elastomeric Solutions Business, Rogers Corporation. PORON
The properties of the 92PL material allow designers to make more accurate and precise die cuts. ”

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