ROHM accelerates production capacity expansion of PLEXIGLAS® brand PMMA in Shanghai plant

Latest News: On July 12, ROHM Group held a groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion project of the PLEXIGLAS® (PMMA, polymethyl methacrylate) molding compound factory in Shanghai. The expanded plant is expected to open in 2023
It was completed and put into operation in the second quarter of this year.

ROHM accelerates the expansion of PMMA production capacity under the PLEXIGLAS® brand in Shanghai factory-Yujie Plastic Watch

Roma COO Hans-Peter
“Expanding production capacity in China is an important step in ROHM’s global growth strategy for PMMA molding compounds,” said Hauck. ROHM added a compounding line in the U.S. three years ago to systematically expand its specialty molding compounds capacity. “By expanding the production capacity of the Shanghai plant and expanding the blending and modification system, we have consolidated ROHM’s strong market position in China. At the same time, we will continue to increase strategic investment in PMMA molding compounds and accelerate the pace of expansion in Europe. “It is worth mentioning that ROHM is the only MMA (methyl methacrylate) and PMMA supplier in the world with downstream blending and modification production facilities in the three key regions of Asia, North America and Europe.

Customizing PMMA products to meet customer needs is the basis for ROHM’s success in the Chinese market. Special grades of the PLEXIGLAS® brand are either crystal-clear, transparent molding compounds with improved properties or special colors, mainly used in the automotive and lighting industries, as well as in household appliances and extrusion.

Ling Hongen, President of ROHM Asia, said: “This expansion is a response to the continuously growing market demand. We will further strengthen communication with customers and closely support customers to develop innovative applications.” The ROHM Asia Technology Center located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, Equipped with cutting-edge technology application and development laboratories, it will provide strong technical support to meet the diverse needs of customers.