ROHM develops PLA film using renewable raw materials

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● Chemical bonding process to prevent film peeling Films made from renewable raw materials reduce the carbon footprint of the final product

● Thermoformable polylactic acid (PLA) film is widely used

● High transparency, high gloss food contact grade material

● Can be adapted to customer-specific application requirements

The ROHM Group is adding a new product made from renewable raw materials to its line of special films under the EUROPLEX® brand. The new product under development is tentatively named EUROPLEX®.

Films made from this raw material are more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based films due to significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions from the production of PLA. Therefore, PLA films help reduce the carbon footprint of the final product.

ROHM has always made sustainable development an important part of its global business strategy and has set a goal of achieving climate-neutral production by 2050. The strategy focuses not only on developing and launching new sustainable products and technologies, but also on decarbonizing raw materials. Hans-Peter, COO of ROHM
Hauck said: “Rohm’s move is aimed at fulfilling its responsibilities towards climate, society and limited natural resources.”

Eco-friendly alternatives

EUROPLEX® Film LJ 21123/123 is made of certified biodegradable PLA which meets ASTM D6400 American Standard and EN
13432 European Standard for Industrial Degradation Requirements. Even if PLA films are mishandled, their residual properties are many times lower than petroleum-based films. In addition, the PLA film does not release toxic substances when it decomposes.

Certified for food contact materials

This bio-based film is also suitable for food packaging with particularly stringent regulatory restrictions, in compliance with EU (EU Regulation 10/2011), US (FDA 21 CFR) and China (GB
9685-2016) requirements for food-contact grade plastics, which should be applied to observation windows on cardboard packaging or thermoforming packaging that have high requirements for beautiful and high-quality product display.

Rohm uses renewable raw materials to develop polylactic acid film

EUROPLEX® Film LJ 21123/123 is made from renewable raw materials and can be shaped flexibly.