SABIC partners with UPM RAFLATAC to launch world’s first label material made from certified recycled ocean plastic

Latest: SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, has joined forces with value chain partners in an innovative project to help UPM
RAFLATAC introduces the world’s first packaging label material made from SABIC certified recycled polypropylene (PP) based on advanced recycled marine bioplastic (OBP). These label materials are UPM
RAFLATAC is sold under the Ocean Action trademark.

Lada, General Manager of SABIC Petrochemical Division PP, PET, PS, PVC, PU and Elastomers
Kurelec added: “We are proud to offer our customers an alternative, more sustainable option through advanced recycling of waste plastics that might otherwise end up in our rivers and oceans. These labels containing ocean plastics are compatible with Our TRUCIRCLE™ Circular Solutions program is designed to help reduce plastic waste, ease fossil consumption and protect our planet.”

Marine plastic is discarded plastic waste found within 50 kilometers of waterways inland and may end up being washed into the ocean by rainfall, rivers or tides. NGO working to tackle plastic pollution
Zero Plastic Oceans estimates that OBP from uncontrolled waste disposal accounts for 80% of ocean plastic litter.

“The new innovative Ocean Action label material is the latest step in our journey beyond fossils. Not only does it help prevent plastic waste from ending up in the ocean, but it also offers brand owners the possibility to meet their packaging recycling content goals. Ocean Action label material is an easy-to-use plug-and-play solution, especially for food and cosmetics, as it has the exact same performance as current fossil-based labels.” UPM
said Eliisa Laurikainen, business development manager at RAFLATAC.

The OBP used in this project was recycled by local partners of HHI, a recycling company based in Malaysia. OBP is certified by the Alliance for Zero Plastic Oceans and Control for sustainable sourcing, proper collection and management. HHI converts OBP into pyrolysis oil through advanced recycling, while SABIC uses this oil as an alternative feedstock to produce certified SABIC recycled PP polymer, which is further processed into film by Taghleef. Then, UPM
RAFLATAC manufactures label materials.

The plastic waste used in the process value chain of making Ocean Action label materials is certified by the Zero Plastic Ocean program and the final label material is ISCC certified
PLUS certification. This means that, from plastic in the ocean to final packaging, the flow of material is controlled and tracked according to a set of pre-defined transparent rules.

Ocean Action’s label material is available in white and clear top-coated PP film using RP37, RF37 and RP74 adhesives and PET 23
PCR and fiberglass liners. These label materials are ideal for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as household goods, personal care, packaged food and beverages. Because SABIC’s certified cyclic PP performs on par with comparable fossil-based virgin PP, switching to OBP material solutions does not require changes to the manufacturing process of film and label materials.

SABIC’s certified circular polymers are part of the company’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio and circular solutions service. The offering also includes designs for recyclability, mechanical recycling products, certified bio-based renewable polymers, and a closed-loop program to recycle plastics into high-quality applications and help prevent valuable waste plastics from becoming waste.