Sanlian Hongpu recently signed a 217 million yuan polyamide 6 polymerization project contract with Shunlu Chemical

Latest News: Sanlian Hope announced that the company has recently signed a polyamide 6 polymerization project contract with Shunlu Chemical, with a contract value of 217 million yuan, accounting for 25.82% of the company’s audited operating income in 2021 . The successful implementation of this contract will have a positive impact on the company’s performance in the next 1-2 years.

The signing of this contract reflects the development trend of high-quality enterprises in the direction of integration, differentiation and specialization as the maturity of the polyamide industry increases. Among them, the leading enterprises in the industry represented by Jushun are actively investing in the supporting layout of the whole industry chain from the raw material end to the product end, and the integrated competition pattern of the industry chain is accelerating. The company’s polyamide process technology solutions in the core technical service field have now covered the entire industrial chain range from caprolactam, polyamide polymerization to polyamide spinning. Competitiveness and broader market space.