Shaanxi Coal Group will build a new 360,000-ton/year BDO project in Yumen, Gansu

Latest News: Recently, the Yumen New Energy Degradable Material Carbon Neutral Industrial Park project of Shaanxi Coal Group Gansu Investment Co., Ltd. was announced for the first time.

Construction content and scale: The construction content is 600,000 tons/year of degradable materials, including 360,000 tons/year BDO unit, 60,000 tons/year PBS unit, 300,000 tons/year PBAT unit, 100,000 tons/year PBT unit, 10,000Nm3/h electrolyzed water hydrogen production device, and 400,000 tons/year acetylene raw material preparation device (calcium carbide method), 120,000 tons/year acetylene device, 25000Nm3/h acetylene raw material tail gas hydrogen production device, 750,000 tons/year formaldehyde device, etc. Production equipment; boilers and other public works: environmental protection, fire protection, safety and other facilities and supporting auxiliary facilities.

On July 22, the Jiuquan Municipal Government of Gansu Province and Shaanxi Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. held an investment contract signing ceremony. Shaanxi Coal Group has invested and planned three projects in Jiuquan, namely the new energy degradable material carbon neutral industrial park project, 5.4 million tons/year coking and downstream products project, Shaanxi Coal Group and China General Nuclear Power Group jointly develop the Badain Jaran Desert Thousand 10,000-kilowatt wind power photovoltaic base project.