Shandong established a closed-loop rectification mechanism to promote VOCs governance and achieved practical results

Continue to organize and carry out supervision and assistance, establish a closed-loop rectification mechanism of “discovery of problems – on-site guidance – face-to-face feedback – problem rectification – verification and acceptance”, strengthen joint prevention and control, and ensure that volatile organic compound management continues to achieve effective results…

Since the beginning of this year, Shandong Province has continued to strengthen the management of volatile organic compounds, help enterprises to prevent and control pollution, promote high-quality economic and social development, and explore and form a new path for VOCs treatment, so that volatile organic compounds have nowhere to hide.

Joint prevention and control to reduce pollutant transmission

Volatile organic compounds are active in nature and have strong transmission properties. Regional joint prevention and control is the key to winning this tough battle. hard tactics.

In view of the characteristics of volatile organic compounds, Shandong Province adjusted and optimized the work strategy, and gave full play to the talents and technical advantages of the national team of “one city, one strategy”. When setting up the assistance team, in addition to recruiting internal capable forces such as the Air Department, the Law Enforcement Bureau, the Monitoring Center, the Motor Vehicle Center, and the Provincial Eco-Environmental Planning Institute, it also broke the city boundaries and invited experts from each city to “one policy for one city” throughout the process. participate. Experts can not only use their work experience in the city to help find problems, but also learn “stones from other mountains”. While supervising the rectification of problems, it can also reduce the transmission of pollutants and improve the ambient air quality in the city.

“Prescribing prescriptions” for symptoms and realizing precise scientific governance

Innovatively implement “prescribing prescriptions by the government and buying medicines by enterprises”, changing law enforcement inspections into assistance and guidance , Shandong Province has explored and improved a new model of volatile organic compounds management.

In the sweltering heat, the support team went deep into the front line, entered the enterprise, “looked at” the treatment facilities, “smell” the peculiar smell on site, “asked” the operation of the facility, and “cut” the detection data. According to the characteristics and specific problems of the enterprise, a “prescription” for rectification is prescribed, and a management plan is proposed. According to the “prescription”, the enterprise chooses the treatment process and equipment by itself to complete the treatment requirements.

In the process of helping, we also invited the supervision and law enforcement personnel of the local ecological environment department to participate in the whole process, accompanied by the investigation, follow-up learning, and then reform, so as to improve the level of grass-roots supervision.

Closed-loop rectification to completely solve shortcomings and weaknesses

Only by reporting worries can you be happy, and only by facing problems can you solve them. After each on-site assistance is over, the assistance team immediately sorts out the shortcomings and weaknesses in the local volatile organic compound management, holds a special meeting, and “face-to-face” focuses on reporting and feedback problems. enterprise. At the meeting, there were not only relevant personnel from the local ecological environment department, but also the leaders in charge of the local city and county governments. They directly attacked the problem without covering it up, making the relevant leading cadres “red face” and “sweat”, which effectively promoted the problem to be rectified as soon as possible.

Finding problems is very important, and rectification is even more critical. One problem is changed one by one, and one microgram is one microgram. The constant change of the amount in Shandong Province has resulted in a qualitative change in the ambient air quality. At the report meeting on the problems found in the assistance of Zibo, Dongying and Binzhou, Hou Cuirong, deputy secretary of the Party Group and deputy director of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, put forward strict requirements for the rectification of problems: “The key now is to maximize the effectiveness of the assistance results, and to supervise relevant The city has done a good job of drawing inferences from others, carefully sorting out the types of problems, highlighting precise science, and effectively rectifying problems.”

In the process of helping, the ecological environment departments at all levels in the province have linked up and down, insisting on helping and investigating while Supervise side-by-side reforms, and strive to rectify problems as early as possible and reduce emissions to take effect as soon as possible. After the rectification of the problem is completed, the Municipal Bureau will organize the inspection and acceptance on an enterprise-by-enterprise basis. After half a month of problem feedback, the provincial department regularly organizes a problem rectification report meeting to help the city report on the problem rectification degree and draw inferences from one case. The provincial department gave comments and guidance on the rectification of the problem, and urged the cities to rectify the problem in place and effectively improve the management level.

Promote typical cases and achieve simultaneous improvement of governance capabilities

In the process of solving complex and specific problems, the assistance group also constantly sorts out and summarizes typical cases and common problems , to promote the “rectification of common problems and the improvement of governance levels” in all cities. It has organized and carried out more than 10 volatile organic compound treatment business trainings successively, and produced the “Shandong Province Volatile Organic Compound Policy, Regulations, Standards, and Norms Information Manual” and “Shandong Province Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Pollution Prevention Technology and Typical Cases Compilation” 2 e-books are released to the whole society for the supervisors of ecological environment departments at all levels to download and read at any time.

Strong professionalism and “cold” business are a major threshold for volatile organic compound management. To this end, the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment has recorded videos such as “Check Points for the Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds in Petrochemical Enterprises”, explaining what and how to check in each link, teaching hands-on, and guiding local governments to carry out comprehensive investigation and rectification to achieve assistance. Maximize results.

It is understood that the supervision and assistance of volatile organic compounds in Shandong Province has achieved remarkable results. As of June 30, the deterioration of ozone in Heze, Liaocheng and other cities has been curbed, and the ozone concentration in Zaozhuang, Tai’an and other cities has “turned losses into profits” and achieved improvement.