Shandong Xuke New Materials PBAT and other projects were put into operation in October

Latest News: Recently, in the industrial park of Xuke New Materials (Shandong) Co., Ltd.
Equipment installation and commissioning of PBS and 10,000 tons/year succinic acid/succinic anhydride project. The project is planned to be commissioned at the end of September and officially put into production in October.

The 30,000-ton/year PBAT/PBS and 10,000-ton/year succinic acid/succinic anhydride projects of Xuke New Materials were launched in June last year. On November 29 last year, construction was announced at the Juxian branch in Rizhao City.

Wang Xin, deputy general manager of Xuke New Materials (Shandong) Co., Ltd.: The device you see now is our production device for degradable material PBAT, which has reached 60% installation level, and behind it is one of our fine chemicals. Production equipment, the current production equipment installation has reached 65%.

Wang Xin, Deputy General Manager of Xuke New Materials (Shandong) Co., Ltd.: Our upstream is Haiyou Group in Ju County, and the maleic anhydride products of Haiyou Group are the raw materials of our degradable materials and degradable products. The degradable materials we produce provide a degradable raw material for the plastic industry in Liuguanzhuang, so that we form a complete industrial chain in terms of degradable materials.