Shanghai: Aiming at the scale of 100 billion yuan to deploy the hydrogen energy industry

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, June 23 (Reporter Wang Moling) The Shanghai Development and Reform Commission and other eight departments recently jointly issued the “Shanghai Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Medium and Long-term Plan (2022-2035)”. The plan proposes that by 2025, the industrial scale of Shanghai’s hydrogen energy industry chain will exceed 100 billion yuan.

Hydrogen energy is a kind of secondary energy with abundant sources, green and low carbon, and wide application. It is gradually becoming one of the important carriers of global energy transformation. After years of accumulation, Shanghai has initially mastered important technologies and production processes such as hydrogen energy production, storage and transportation, refueling, and fuel cell system integration. At present, 10 hydrogen refueling stations and nearly 30 kilometers of hydrogen pipelines have been built. Lay the foundation for application promotion.

According to the plan, by 2025, Shanghai plans to build about 70 hydrogen refueling stations, 3 to 5 world-class innovative R&D platforms, the number of fuel cell vehicles exceeds 10,000, and the industry scale of the hydrogen energy industry chain exceeded 100 billion yuan.

By 2035, Shanghai’s planned industrial development will generally reach the international leading level, and a R&D and innovation center, key core equipment and parts manufacturing and testing center will be built to lead the development of the national hydrogen energy industry. To develop the application ecology, build overseas hydrogen energy import and transportation terminals, lay out the hydrogen energy trade and trading center in East Asia, form a collaborative innovation ecology with the Yangtze River Delta region, and basically build a world-class hydrogen energy technology innovation highland, industrial development highland, and multiple demonstration applications. highlands.