Shanghai: Special re-loans to support the clean and efficient utilization of coal

On June 28, the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, and the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued the “Strict Energy Efficiency Constraints to Promote Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction in Key Areas in Shanghai”. Implementation Plan” notice.

The “Plan” mentioned that by 2025, through the implementation of the carbon peaking action in the industrial field and the energy saving and carbon reduction action in key industries, the energy consumption of industrial added value above designated size in Shanghai will be reduced by 14% compared with 2020, and the energy consumption of steel, cement, oil refining and The proportion of production capacity reaching the benchmark level in key industries such as ethylene, ethylene, and synthetic ammonia exceeds 30%, and the proportion of data centers reaching the benchmark level is about 60%.

By 2030, the energy and resource utilization efficiency, overall energy efficiency level and carbon emission intensity of Shanghai’s key industries will reach the international advanced level, the proportion of production capacity reaching the benchmark level will be further increased, breakthroughs in energy-saving and low-carbon technologies will be achieved, and green and low-carbon transformation will be achieved. Development has achieved remarkable results.

The “Plan” points out that, according to the “Benchmarking and Benchmarking Levels of Energy Efficiency in Key Fields”, focusing on key fields and data center projects such as steel, oil refining, ethylene, and synthetic ammonia, the municipal competent department, together with relevant districts and units, will launch a plan in 2022. In half a year, complete the energy efficiency investigation of the key areas of the city.

Implement support policies. Promote the relevant financial institutions in Shanghai to make good use of carbon emission reduction support tools and special re-loans to support the clean and efficient use of coal, speed up the progress of credit issuance, and support the construction of major carbon emission reduction projects.