Shanxi builds the country’s largest coalbed methane field

Original title: Shanxi built the country’s largest coalbed methane field with an annual drainage capacity of over 2 billion cubic meters

Xinhua News Agency, Taiyuan, June 26 (Reporter Wang Feihang) On June 25, with the production of several L-shaped horizontal wells in the Zhengzhuang-Fanzhuang 550 million cubic meter production capacity construction project, PetroChina Huabei Oilfield opened in Shanxi Province. The daily output of the coalbed methane field in the Qinshui Basin and the daily export volume of commercial gas both exceeded 5.5 million cubic meters. So far, Huabei Oilfield has built the first coalbed methane field in China with an annual surface drainage capacity of over 2 billion cubic meters in the Qinshui Basin in southern Shanxi.

Coalbed methane, commonly known as “coal mine gas”, is an unconventional natural gas produced from coal seams with methane as the main component. The exploitation of its resources is of great significance for reducing coal mine gas explosion accidents, expanding natural gas supply and reducing environmental pollution.

Qinshui coalbed methane field is located in the southeast of Shanxi Province, with an area of ​​more than 3,000 square kilometers and an estimated coalbed methane resource of 600 billion cubic meters. In 2006, Huabei Oilfield obtained coalbed methane mining rights in Qinshui Basin, Shanxi. Up to now, the cumulative commercial gas volume of the coalbed methane field in the Qinshui Basin, Shanxi, North China Oilfield has exceeded 10 billion cubic meters, equivalent to more than 8 million tons of oil and gas equivalent.

Hu Qiujia, manager of the Shanxi Coalbed Methane Branch of PetroChina Huabei Oilfield, said that in recent years, Huabei Oilfield has applied a number of high-energy horizontal well technologies through research and research, and has increased the gas field’s production capacity to more than 90%. A total of 4,600 wells have been drilled in the Qinshui coalbed methane field, and the production has continued to increase.

Shanxi is one of the provinces with the highest CBM resource enrichment and greatest development potential in my country. Data shows that the geological resources of coalbed methane buried deeper than 2,000 meters in Shanxi Province are about 8.31 trillion cubic meters, accounting for about 1/3 of the country. In the next three years, the annual gas production of the Qinshui coalbed methane field in Huabei Oilfield is expected to reach more than 3 billion cubic meters.