Shanxi completed the first round of special inspections on major hazardous sources of hazardous chemicals this year

In accordance with the requirements of the “Notice on Carrying out the First Special Inspection on the Safety of Enterprises with Major Hazardous Sources of Hazardous Chemicals in 2022”, the Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Department implemented the fifteen hard measures for safe production, comprehensively inspected, classified and managed precise prevention and control, The overall requirement is to effectively prevent production safety accidents in hazardous chemical enterprises, and a special inspection work leading group and special work class are established to coordinate, dispatch, supervise and conduct spot checks on special inspections. At present, the first round of special inspections on major hazardous sources of hazardous chemicals has been completed this year.

The special inspection is carried out in the form of enterprise self-inspection, full-coverage cross-inspection at the municipal level, and random inspection at the provincial level, covering all hazardous chemical enterprises that constitute major hazards in the province.

On the basis of enterprise self-inspection, joint cross-inspection of municipal emergency and fire departments has been carried out. As of June 20, 11 prefectures and cities have completed cross-inspection of corresponding cities, inspecting a total of 194 enterprises and 572 major hazard sources. A total of 2,151 hidden dangers and 17 major hidden dangers were discovered. In conjunction with the annual law enforcement plan, the Provincial Emergency Response Department has carried out spot checks on enterprises with major hazards simultaneously. It has spot-checked 9 production enterprises and 60 major hazard sources, and found 111 hidden dangers. 3 operating enterprises and 6 major hazard sources have been spot-checked, and hidden dangers have been found. 157 items, the number of enterprises with major hazard sources exceeded 5%, and the number of major hazard sources exceeded 10%.

The following three problems were found through inspection: the failure to enter the system in time, the number of hidden dangers reported offline by some enterprises in the cross-check line at the municipal level did not match the actual number of entries entered by the enterprise; the “safety production risk monitoring and early warning system” The situation of “three entries” is inconsistent with the actual situation; the enterprise has not evaluated the performance of the person responsible for the protection of major hazard sources and incorporated it into the performance management of the enterprise’s safety production responsibility system. At the same time, there are still irregularities in the management of special operations, such as: the problem of not obtaining tickets for high-altitude operations; the management of the three positions with certificates is not strict, and there are instrument workers who have not participated in the recurrent training, and the main person in charge has a safety management qualification certificate. Problems that have not been reviewed; the setting of the combustible and toxic alarm system is not perfect, the gas detection alarm range is inconsistent with the GDS system range, and the gas detection alarm and gas alarm area sound and light alarm device are not installed as required.

In the next stage, the county-level emergency department will punish the hidden dangers found in the inspection in accordance with the law, and urge enterprises to make rectification within a time limit. The provincial emergency management department will continue to carry out random inspections and inspections. The reform and municipal law enforcement, the entry of hidden problems, the operation of the safety risk early warning and detection system for major hazards, and the implementation of various management and control measures for major hazards are subject to key inspections.