Shanxi Jinzhong force “fight” a new ecology of methanol economy of 100 billion level

Xinhuanet, Taiyuan, June 27th. On the dial of time that never stops, there are always some dazzling moments, marking the solid footprint of history. On June 22, Shanxi’s first methanol heavy truck officially rolled off the assembly line at Geely Automobile Jinzhong Base.

In recent years, relying on the advantages of the new energy automobile industry cluster in the region, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province is making every effort to build a “national methanol economic demonstration zone”, building a new ecology of methanol economy of 100 billion yuan, and striving to build an advanced manufacturing industry in the central region of Shanxi. Be a good vanguard in base strategy.

First-mover advantage, promote industrial elements to gather strength and become a trend

As a large coal province, Shanxi has obvious advantages in using coal to produce industrial methanol, and Jinzhong’s rich coal resources have laid a solid foundation for the pilot promotion of methanol vehicles.

In March 2013, Jinzhong City became one of the first pilot cities in the country to engage in methanol fuel and methanol vehicle application. It has a good first mover in methanol vehicle production, methanol fuel preparation technology and methanol fuel filling Advantage.

In July 2021, in order to further accelerate the promotion and application of methanol automobiles in Jinzhong City, Jinzhong City issued a work plan to accelerate the promotion and application of methanol automobiles, and included the industrial development and promotion and application of methanol automobiles in the city’s “14th Five-Year Plan” development plan .

The work report of Jinzhong Municipal Government in 2022 proposes to focus on building a “leading goose” in the new energy automobile industry, adhere to strong leaders, extend the chain, build clusters, give full play to the basic advantages of the methanol automobile industry, and build a national-level methanol economic demonstration zone.

A person in charge of the Jinzhong Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said that the Jinzhong methanol industry has initially formed a complete methanol industry system including methanol research and development, methanol equipment manufacturing, and fuel transmission and distribution.

Do good deeds and build a strong methanol automobile industry chain

Looking at the whole country, the green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and high-efficiency new energy vehicle industry is developing continuously. The promotion and application of methanol commercial vehicles is of great significance for promoting the clean and efficient utilization of coal and driving the low-carbon and green transformation of key fields such as coal chemical industry.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and a leading enterprise in Jinzhong’s new energy vehicle industry cluster, Geely Automobile’s Shanxi Base has produced 385,000 vehicles since it was put into operation in September 2016.

It is understood that Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has been deeply involved in methanol vehicles for 17 years, mastering the core technology and forming more than 200 core technology patents. At present, more than 20 methanol-fueled commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles have been developed, with nearly 30,000 vehicles in large-scale operation nationwide.

On June 22, in the production workshop of Geely Automobile’s Shanxi base, methanol heavy trucks with strong power and mighty appearance were being assembled on the assembly line. These are the second-generation methanol heavy-duty trucks “long-range” that Geely is fully developing. Equipped with a new self-developed 13L methanol engine, it not only has stronger power, but also further reduces energy consumption and meets relevant emission standards.

The person in charge of Geely Automobile Jinzhong Base stated that the first batch of 20 methanol heavy trucks will be delivered to China Railway Intermodal Logistics Company to carry out the pilot operation of double-hook car trains; the second batch of 15 methanol heavy trucks has been put into production; Three batches of 20 methanol heavy truck purchase contracts have also been signed. At present, the Jinzhong base of Geely Automobile has initially reached the production level of 10,000 methanol heavy trucks per year.

Jinzhong City is actively building a whole industry chain around methanol automobiles, striving to improve the local matching rate of the whole automobile industry chain, reduce production costs, and strive to promote the improvement of Jinzhong’s equipment manufacturing industry.

Government and enterprise work together to create a new economic ecology of 100 billion

On May 27, the Shanxi provincial government held a work conference on the key industrial chain chain length system in the province, and awarded the first batch of 20 “chain master” enterprises. As a leading enterprise in Jinzhong’s new energy vehicle industry cluster, Geely Automobile’s Shanxi base is among them.

On June 16, Shanxi Province held an on-site promotion meeting for the new energy vehicle industry chain. The meeting proposed that the key direction for the cultivation of the new energy vehicle industry chain is to rely on the “chain master” enterprises to implement the “supplementary chain” project.

At present, Jinzhong City has formed a special team with the mayor as the leader of the industrial chain, set up a special fund of 1 billion yuan for the development of the new energy automobile industry, and started the construction of a new generation of Geely methanol heavy truck project with an annual output of 50,000 units. The strategic opportunity of Jinzhong Pilot City, a Powerful Transportation Country, will make every effort to build the entire industrial chain of methanol extended-range heavy trucks.

On June 22, the comprehensive utilization project of coke oven gas of Jiexiu Changsheng Coal Gasification Co., Ltd. officially started construction. The project will use the surplus coke oven gas to produce methanol. It is estimated that the annual output of methanol will be 250,000 tons, which can supply at least 5,000 Taiwan methanol heavy truck use.

By 2025, this company is expected to drive the surrounding coal chemical companies to achieve 1 million tons of methanol production, 20,000 methanol heavy trucks to operate, and methanol fuel and methanol heavy trucks to achieve an output value of 20 billion yuan. At present, Geely Commercial Vehicle Jinzhong Company has carried out strategic cooperation with Jiexiu Changsheng Coal Gasification Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Jinzhong City is also increasing the promotion of pilot projects, improving the supporting facilities of the industrial chain, planning and laying out a batch of methanol filling stations, promoting the linkage development of the upstream and downstream of the automobile industry chain, and implementing the “11155” project, that is, the annual production of 1 million tons Methanol, an annual output of 100,000 methanol vehicles, the construction of 1,000 methanol filling stations, an annual output of 50,000 methanol extended-range heavy trucks, and an annual output value of 50 billion yuan.

The relevant person in charge of Jinzhong City said that at present, the two industrial chains of methanol and methanol heavy trucks within the city are continuously expanding and strengthening, the use scenarios of methanol heavy trucks are constantly innovating, and the scale of pilot projects is constantly expanding. Jinzhong City is accelerating the construction of “national methanol trucks”. The “Economic Demonstration Zone” made a strong start on the track.