Shishoupurui Gas plans to build 15 million alkynyl alcohol multifunctional surfactants for water-based coatings

Latest News: From the website of Jingzhou Ecological Environment Bureau, Hubei Province, Shishou Purui Gas Co., Ltd. 1500 tons of water-based paint surfactant and 1800 tons of by-products (30% potassium hydroxide aqueous solution) project (Draft for comments) Public notice.


According to Huizheng Information, Shishou Purui Gas Co., Ltd. plans to invest 100 million yuan to build “1500 tons of water-based coating surfactants and 1800 tons of
By-product (30% potassium hydroxide aqueous solution) project”, the project will produce 1,500 tons of water-based paint surfactant and 1,800 tons of potassium hydroxide solution per year after the completion of the project.

The project plans to build 1 Class A workshop, 1 Class A warehouse, 1 Class C warehouse, 1 tank farm, 1 utility room, 1 circulating water pool, and 1 accident emergency pool.
Environmental protection projects such as waste gas treatment facilities. The rest of the projects rely on the existing projects in the factory.

According to Huizheng Information, the water-based coating surfactants in this project are mainly water-based alkynyl alcohol multifunctional surfactants. Water-based alkynyl alcohol multifunctional surfactants account for about 40% of the total water-based paint additives, that is, there will be at least 40% in China in the future.
billion/year market demand. The total amount of coatings in China is 1/3 of the total amount of coatings in the world, so the market capacity of the global alkynol multifunctional surfactants will be 12-15 billion/year in the future. Alkynol multifunctional surfactants in waterborne coatings
It has broad application prospects in the industry.