Silicon treasure technology polyurethane hot melt adhesive patented

Latest News: Recently, Chengdu Silicon Treasure Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained a patent: a polyurethane hot-melt adhesive for bonding polypropylene plastics and its preparation method, patent number: ZL 2020 1
1532514.3. Up to now, Silicon Treasure Technology has a total of 277 authorized patents, including 3 American invention patents and 1 Japanese invention patent.


As an indispensable exterior component of a car, car lights play an important role in night lighting, traffic signals, fog collision avoidance, turning signs, etc., and are an important guarantee for the safe driving of cars. In the production of automobile lamps, in order to closely connect the light distribution lens (PMMA or PC) with the lamp housing (PP, PBT, ABS, PC/ABS, etc.), adhesives must be used for bonding and sealing. At present, most of the rear lamp shells (bottom shells) on the market are polypropylene plastics (hereinafter referred to as PP), so whether the PP is well bonded has become one of the necessary indicators for the glue used in automobile lamps, and it is also very important. index of.


The patent of the present invention relates to a reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesive and a preparation method thereof, which is especially suitable for the field of bonding PP. Reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesive (hereinafter referred to as PUR) is a one-component moisture-curing hot-melt adhesive, which not only has the advantages of rapid positioning and high initial adhesion of traditional thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives, but also has strong final adhesion. advantage. This patented technology introduces key tackifying groups through structural design and cooperates with process design, which further reduces the polarity of PUR glue, improves the compatibility of PUR glue and polyolefin resin, and makes PUR glue excellent for polypropylene plastics. wettability and adhesion. Through structural design, key tackifying groups were introduced, which significantly improved the adhesion to polypropylene plastics reinforced with different fillers (talc, glass fiber).


The patented technology creates professional quality. The product transformed by this patented technology is Sibao 631 polyurethane hot-melt adhesive for automobile lamps, which is suitable for waterproof bonding and sealing of automobile lamps. It has very good adhesion performance to PP, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, Chemical resistance, shock absorption and shock absorption, can meet the requirements of fast fixing, suitable for continuous automatic production, widely used in the bonding field of automotive lights and automotive interior and exterior composite materials, successfully serving well-known automotive lighting companies at home and abroad, and being consistent with customers Good reviews. The product was also identified by experts at the appraisal meeting organized by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology in December 2019. “The main performance of the product has reached the international advanced level”. In addition to the polyurethane hot-melt adhesive products for Sibao 631 lights, Sibao 1061 silicone sealant for anti-fog lights (single component), Sibao 1062 for anti-fog lights glue (two-component) and other series of car lamp glue to meet the different needs of customers.
“High technical standards, high product quality” is the principle that Silicon Treasure Technology has always adhered to for 24 years. The perfect transformation of patents and products makes the product quality of Silicon Treasure Technology stable and reliable. The company invests more than 4% of its operating income in technology research and development and innovation every year. Relying on the industry’s first national enterprise technology center and many other national platforms, Sibao Technology will continue to launch more high-quality, high-performance high-quality products to provide high-quality high-end supporting materials for the automobile manufacturing industry.