Suzuki SUV’s front grille uses Mitsubishi Chemical’s bio-based polycarbonate material

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● The improved impact and weather resistance of Durabio polycarbonate makes it the first time it is used for exterior applications on the Suzuki S-Cross SUV.

Suzuki Motor Corporation has adopted Mitsubishi Chemical’s Durabio bio-based polycarbonate as the grille material for its S-Cross compact SUV. Although Durabio was previously used by Suzuki for interior parts, it is currently used for exterior applications due to its improved level of impact and weather resistance. The S-Cross is already available in December 2021.

Made from a renewable, plant-derived raw material, isosorbide, Durabio polycarbonate is a bio-based engineering plastic with properties comparable to conventional engineering plastics, including impact resistance, weather resistance and heat resistance.

In addition, the plastic has excellent color rendering, enabling complex designs with gloss just by adding colorants. The plastic requires neither paint nor coatings, as its hard surface is scratch-resistant, reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions during production.