Taishan fiberglass comprehensive reform area base construction started

Latest News: On August 8th, Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone officially signed the “Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line Project of High-performance Glass Fiber with an Annual Output of 600,000 tons” introduced by Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. The construction of the district base project was started. The implementation of this project is of great significance for our province to promote the high-quality cluster development of the entire synthetic biology industry chain and build a leading high-performance fiber and composite material industry highland in China.

As a lightweight and high-strength material, glass fiber has a wide range of downstream applications. Taishan Fiberglass is the core enterprise of China National Building Materials Group’s new material industry sector. In 1997, it built the first 10,000-ton-level alkali-free fiberglass pool kiln wire drawing production line in China, successfully filling the domestic gap. In 2020, the total production capacity of glass fiber products will exceed 1 million tons. It has been rated as a single champion demonstration enterprise of manufacturing by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is currently the world’s top three and the second largest domestic high-end glass fiber supplier. Its series of products are widely used in construction and infrastructure, automobile and transportation, chemical and environmental protection, electronic appliances, new thermal insulation materials and other fields, and have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions.

Taishan fiberglass comprehensive reform area base project plans to cover an area of ​​855 mu, and plans to invest 7 billion yuan to build 4 single-line annual output of 150,000 tons of high-performance fiberglass intelligent manufacturing pool kiln wire drawing production lines, mainly for direct roving, ply yarn, The production and manufacture of various glass fiber products such as chopped fiber, long-cut fiber and needle-punched felt can achieve an annual output value of 3.6 billion yuan after reaching production.

The project will use the latest technology and advanced equipment to build automated and intelligent production lines, so that the project will reach a higher level in terms of production efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, warehousing and logistics, and information management.

According to reports, this project is a landmark project of the new material industry in the comprehensive reform area. It will effectively promote technological innovation, talent gathering and industrial upgrading. Through the effective coupling of “Casai bio-based resin + Taishan glass fiber”, it will promote the integration of industrial chains. Development, and build a development pattern of enterprise alliance, factor aggregation, interest bonding, and whole chain benefit. The relevant person in charge of the comprehensive reform demonstration area said that it will provide high-quality and efficient services for the project construction and full agency, build a low-cost price ecosystem for industrial development and production factors, and fully support the project to become bigger, enterprises become stronger, and industries become better. At the same time, play the leading role of this project, promote enterprises to attract enterprises and businessmen to attract investment, and accelerate the creation of a hundred billion-level synthetic biology industry chain cluster.