The International Composites Growth Enterprise Market IPO meeting will actively expand the field of new composite materials in the future

Latest News: At the 67th meeting of the GEM Listing Committee in 2022 held on September 21, Chongqing International Composites Co., Ltd. successfully attended the meeting. According to the prospectus (draft for the meeting), the company plans to issue no more than 1 billion new shares on the ChiNext Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange this time, with a total share capital of no more than 4.071 billion shares after the issuance. 10,000 tons of ECT glass fiber intelligent manufacturing production line project, F10B annual output of 150,000 tons of high-performance glass fiber production line cold repair technical transformation project, high-performance electronic-grade glass fiber product transformation and upgrading technology transformation project and supplementary working capital. Kaiyuan Securities and CICC acted as the sponsor (lead underwriter) and co-lead underwriter respectively.

According to the data, International Composite Materials was established on August 27, 1991, and its registered place is located in Area B, Jianqiao Industrial Park, Dadukou District, Chongqing. The company is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of glass fiber and its products. In the fields of wind power blades, engineering plastics, electronic appliances and power insulation, a series of products with global competitive advantages have been cultivated, and some products have successfully broken the monopoly of foreign manufacturers and filled the domestic gap.

In the field of wind power blades, the company has become one of the most important suppliers of wind power yarns and fabrics in the world, with a market share of more than 25%, among which the output of high-modulus and ultra-high-modulus products ranks in the world’s leading position; It has been applied to 90-meter wind turbine blades; the polyurethane wind turbine special yarn and fabric jointly developed with Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd. has been the first to be used in all-polyurethane wind turbine blades, leading the development trend of wind turbine blades in the future. In the field of engineering plastics, it has been serving DuPont, BASF, Kingfa Technology and other industry leaders for a long time, and has successively developed a series of high-performance chopped fibers, thermoplastic long fibers, special-shaped glass fibers, high-modulus and low-dielectric functions with unique competitive advantages. Special-shaped glass fiber products are widely used in many fields such as auto parts, electronics, etc., especially in some high-end fields with special requirements such as aircraft structural parts and high-end electronics. In the field of electronics, the company has overcome a number of key technical problems, and successfully developed low-bubble spun yarns, ultra-fine yarns and fabrics with a fiber diameter of up to 3.7μm and other advantageous products, solving the problem of long-term dependence on imports of key materials at the source of high-end PCBs, boosting the The rapid development of domestic multi-layer circuit boards. The company’s self-developed low-dielectric glass fiber for 5G with independent intellectual property rights has achieved mass production, and has been used in Huawei’s flagship series of mobile phones, key wave-transmitting products for 5G high-frequency communications and other products. In the application field of thermosetting composite materials, we have successfully developed high-end insulating glass fiber products, which have good high-voltage breakdown stability and are used in the manufacture of UHV insulators. Provides a solution for lower cost manufacturing of fiber optic cable strength cores.

The company has a number of innovations and introductions such as the “National Enterprise Technology Center”, the Chongqing Glass Fiber and Composite Materials Engineering Technology Research Center, the wind power laboratory certified by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment and the German DNV.GL certification, and the Haizhi workstation. Platform, and won the China Industry Award Commendation Award, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, China Patent Excellence Award, China Famous Brand Product, National Key New Product, Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Progress First Prize and many other honors. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001,
ISO45001, IATF16949, EN9100 and many other system certifications, and the main products have passed the German Classification Society (GL) certification. As of the end of the reporting period, 386 domestic patents (including 172 invention patents) and 5 overseas patents have been obtained. As a member of the National Standardization Committee, the company also mainly drafted or participated in the “Glass Fiber Stitch Woven Fabric” (GB/T
25040-2010), “Multiaxial Warp Knitting Reinforcing Materials for Continuous Resin-Based Prepregs” (GB/T
25043-2010), “Technical Specifications for Green Design Product Evaluation of Chopped Glass Fibers Suitable for Thermoplastic Resins” (T/CFIA B1-2019), “Structural Fiber Reinforced Composite Pultruded Profiles” (GB/T
31539-2015) and other national and industry standards. In 2020, the production capacity of the company’s glass fiber products ranks among the top three in China and the top four in the world.

Financial data shows that from 2019 to 2021, the company’s operating income was 5.485 billion yuan, 6.912 billion yuan and 8.300 billion yuan respectively, and the net profit attributable to the parent was 102 million yuan, 440 million yuan and 1.099 billion yuan respectively, showing sustained and rapid growth. situation. In the first half of 2022, the company achieved operating income of 3.990 billion yuan, basically the same as the same period last year; net profit attributable to the parent was 699 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 48.21%.

Looking forward to the future, International Composites stated that it will continue to adhere to the development strategy of “intensive industrial cultivation, sophisticated manufacturing, precise market and refined management”, further improve the supply chain, ensure reliable supply of raw materials and stable quality; strengthen production Chain, realize scientific and rational allocation of production scale and product structure, enhance product market competitiveness, and speed up product structure adjustment; extend product chain, actively expand into the field of new composite materials, and enhance product added value.