The latest progress of the largest coal chemical project under construction with a total investment of 125 billion yuan

Latest News: On July 4th, a good news came from the gasification purification project department of Shaanxi Coal Group Yulin Chemical Company. This work is another important node after the pipeline purging of the device, the single test of the machine and pump, the interlocking debugging, and the airtightness of the system. It is also the last process before the conversion device is put into commissioning. test drive conditions.

▲Catalyst hoisting site

In order to ensure the smooth progress of this catalyst filling, the project department discussed the filling plan with the shift furnace patentee, catalyst manufacturer and filling team for many times, coordinated the filling site, confirmed the filling time, and arranged special personnel to monitor, strictly regulate the filling steps, and control the filling process. filling quality. With the full cooperation of all parties, the catalyst filling work was completed in 5 days. The first shift furnace was filled with 148.6m³ of catalyst, the second shift furnace was filled with 136m³ of catalyst, and the crude gas filter was filled with 41m³ of adsorbent.

It is reported that this set of equipment is the largest single set of temperature control and heat transfer equipment under construction in China. In the next step, the project department will take this catalyst filling as an opportunity to carry out a series of preparatory work for the commissioning of materials, so as to prepare for the successful one-time start-up of the whole plant.

Shaanxi Coal Group Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. is the largest coal chemical project under construction in the world. The project covers a total area of ​​about 13 square kilometers. The planned total investment is about 125 billion yuan, and the annual conversion of coal is about 2,400 yuan. 10,000 tons, including a total of 27 process units and supporting public works, mainly including 15 million tons of coal medium and low temperature pyrolysis, 5.6 million tons of methanol, 1.8 million tons of ethylene glycol, 2 million tons of olefins and downstream intermediate raw materials. product.

Among them, the 1.8 million tons/year ethylene glycol project in the first phase of the project covers an area of ​​about 4.4 million square meters, and the total investment of the project is estimated to be about 26.5 billion yuan. It is also the largest coal-to-ethylene glycol plant under construction in the world; one The second stage is the construction of 5.6 million tons/year methanol, 2 million tons/year olefins and deep processing projects, which are planned to be completed by the end of 2023.

The second phase of the project takes coal pyrolysis as the leader and is also divided into two stages. The first stage is a 1.2 million ton/year pulverized coal pyrolysis and a 500,000 ton/year coal tar deep processing industrialization demonstration unit; the second phase will enlarge the scale of pyrolysis. To 15 million tons, and the coal tar industry chain will be extended to produce aromatic hydrocarbons and aromatic olefin-combined downstream products. It is planned to start construction in 2022 and complete all construction content by the end of 2025.