The neopentyl glycol project of Baichuan Co., Ltd. has entered the trial production stage

Latest News: Baichuan Co., Ltd. announced that recently, the “30,000-ton per year neopentyl glycol project” (hereinafter referred to as the “above project”) implemented by Ningxia Baichuan Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, has been completed. The main construction, equipment installation and commissioning work, the trial production plan and device trial production conditions have been reviewed and approved by the expert group, and the trial production conditions have been met. At present, the above projects are entering the trial production stage.

Neopentyl glycol has many uses, mainly used in the production of saturated/unsaturated polyester resins, oil-free alkyd resins, polyester polyols and esters for synthetic lubricants, polyurethane foam and elastomer plasticizers, advanced lubrication Oil additives and other fine chemicals. Neopentyl glycol is an excellent solvent for the selective separation of aromatic and cycloalkyl hydrocarbons. Neopentyl glycol derivatives are widely used in automobiles, textiles, pharmaceuticals, coatings, pesticides, plastics and petroleum and other fields.