The safety production situation in Sichuan remained generally stable in the first half of the year

On June 28, the Sichuan Provincial Safety Production Committee Office held a news briefing to report the safety production situation in the province in the first half of the year and the main work of safety production.

According to reports, as of June 28, Sichuan Province has had no major production safety accidents for 46 consecutive months, and the safety production situation has remained generally stable.

In terms of special rectification work, Sichuan focused on 13 special projects in 2 themes, deepened the three-year action to consolidate and improve the special rectification of safety production, and dispatched more than 83,000 inspection teams to investigate and rectify more than 412,000 hidden dangers. Focusing on 29 specific tasks in 5 aspects, the “1+12+1” program system was established, the Sichuan Provincial Committee on Hazardous Chemical Safety was established, and 22 chemical industry parks were deeply assessed and rectified, and 658 major hazard sources were fully covered by special projects. Supervision. Self-built houses and urban gas safety inspection and rectification were carried out; 288,000 self-built houses in rural areas and 310,000 self-built houses in urban areas were investigated.

In terms of safety production law enforcement, we will crack down on all kinds of violations of laws and regulations, and publicize and implement the newly revised safety production law. Organize and carry out the special action of “Huan 2022” supervision and law enforcement. Strictly investigate and deal with accidents, and conduct investigations into every production safety accident that occurs in accordance with the principle of “four never let go”. Comprehensively carry out special rectification for the safety of hydropower stations, and further improve the level of safety management of hydropower stations.

In terms of strengthening the construction of security capabilities, consolidate the grass-roots foundation, strengthen scientific and technological support, build a safety production risk prevention and control platform, rely on 18 security-related information systems, carry out daily security risk research and judgment, monthly security situation analysis, and real-time release early warning information , Track the implementation of control measures. Since the beginning of this year, a total of 181 issues of “Safety Production Risk Prevention and Control Early Warning Information” have been released, 30 major risks have been studied and judged, and 6 major risks have been warned and avoided. Strictly implement the “Sichuan Province Work Safety Report Incentive Measures”, and build a group prevention and group governance pattern in which everyone pays attention to safety, participates in safety, and supervises safety. Continue to promote the construction of safety community and people’s livelihood projects and safety development demonstration cities, accelerate the construction of a comprehensive monitoring and early warning platform for urban safety risks, complete the investigation and supervision of the establishment of provincial safety development demonstration cities in 6 counties (cities, districts), and further improve grass-roots safety precautions ability.

In terms of safety production inspection, it focused on the implementation of responsibilities of all parties, as well as project approval, illegal subcontracting and subcontracting, affiliated qualifications, and flexible employee safety management; inspected urban gas, hazardous chemicals, civil aviation, etc. , road traffic, construction, hydropower stations and other 25 important industry areas of safety hazards investigation and governance, requiring a list, a deadline for rectification. In addition, the Sichuan Provincial Security Office also deployed to carry out the special supervision work of the “1+4” safety production inspection, promptly notified the hidden problems and assigned them to rectify. Next, the Sichuan Provincial Safety Committee will organize 21 comprehensive inspection teams to conduct comprehensive inspections of safety production inspections in cities (prefectures), some counties (cities, districts) and related enterprises, and will conduct inspections in the second half of the year. The hidden dangers of the problem are “looked back”. (Li Tingyu, Wu Xingyue)