The water level of the Rhine River in Germany has dropped, and some sections of the river are only 40 cm! Water transport is blocked

Latest News: According to foreign media reports, the water level of the Rhine River in Germany fell again on August 12, local time due to dry weather, and some ships were unable to sail. Cargo shipments on the Rhine are still continuing, but ships are sometimes forced to sail three-quarters empty, and people who ship cargo often need to pay for four ships instead of one.

German Transport Ministry spokesman Tim Alexandrin said that the current water level of the Rhine River near the town of Kaub in Rhineland-Palatinate is very low. Previously, the water level of the river near the town of Kaub was about 40 cm, which is equivalent to With a water depth of only 1.5 meters, the water level may drop further to about 35 centimeters by August 16, the record low of 25 centimeters in this section of the river, which was set in October 2018. The water level below 40cm is too shallow for boats in the middle Rhine region, which must sail south, for ordinary boats to pass. A few days ago, German container operator Contargo said it had suspended most operations on the Upper Rhine.

As we all know, the Rhine is an important transportation route for chemicals, petrochemicals and petroleum products in northwestern Europe. The petrochemical logistics of chemical giants such as BASF, Covestro, LANXESS and Evonik are highly dependent on transport along the Rhine.