The world’s largest CO2-to-green methanol project is about to be put into operation!

Latest News: On the morning of August 1, under the leadership of Lei Ming, Secretary of the Yindu District Party Committee, the four major teams of the district, the party committee secretaries of various townships, the township (town) head and the heads of relevant bureau committees came to Henan Shunli Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. used carbon dioxide to make green and low-carbon methanol co-production LNG project for observation and research.

Song Zhenfei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tongye Town, introduced the project on the spot, and Wang Xinshun, Chairman of Henan Shuncheng Group, supplemented the carbon dioxide-to-methanol project. At present, the smooth carbon dioxide-to-methanol project will start production this month. The commissioning of the first green environmental protection project will surely make a sensation in the world and affect the whole country.

The project comprehensively utilizes Shuncheng Group’s hydrogen-rich coke oven gas and CO2 captured from industrial waste gas to synthesize methanol to produce LNG, with a planned total investment of 700 million yuan. The ETL proprietary green methanol synthesis process of Iceland CRI (Iceland Carbon Recycling Company) and the new domestic coke oven gas purification and freezing method are used to separate LNG and CO2 capture technology.

At present, the construction of the project has been completed, the single-machine debugging and “three inspections and four determinations” have been completed, and the production management and operators are ready to be in place. After waiting for the approval of the trial production procedures, the joint trial operation will begin.

After the project is put into operation, it can comprehensively utilize coke oven gas of 360 million Nm3/year, produce methanol of 110,000 tons/year and co-produce LNG
70,000 tons/year, and realize sales income of 560 million yuan/year. By synthesizing methanol, the project directly reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 160,000 tons, which is equivalent to an increase of 160,000 mu of forest planting area, equivalent to 106 square kilometers (indirect emission reduction of 600,000 tons of carbon dioxide is equivalent to an increase of 600,000 mu of forest area, equivalent to 400 square kilometers) . The whole project has good social and economic benefits, and is of great significance for my country to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.

The CO2-to-Methanol and Green Methanol Application Forum 2022 will discuss the implementation path of the “two-carbon” policy and the analysis of the carbon trading market, CO2 capture and green hydrogen production technology, advanced CO2 synthesis methanol process and catalysts, and CO2-to-green methanol demonstration projects and production capacity Prospects: Methanol production of high-performance polymers and high-value chemicals, high-efficiency methanol reforming hydrogen production technology and catalysts, methanol fuel cell applications in automobiles, ships, power stations and combined heat and power, methanol online reforming hydrogen production and hydrogenation station demonstration Operational experience, etc.