Tianjin promotes the first special inspection and supervision of major hazard sources of hazardous chemicals in 2022

Recently, the Tianjin Emergency Management Bureau organized the first special inspection and supervision work scheduling meeting for enterprises with major hazardous sources of hazardous chemicals in 2022, dispatched and reported the current work progress, and deployed and mobilized to meet the supervision and inspection work of the Emergency Management Department. The Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, the Municipal Fire Rescue Corps, and the relevant responsible comrades of the relevant district emergency management bureaus and fire rescue detachments attended the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that since the special inspection and supervision work was carried out, the emergency management departments and fire rescue departments at the city and district levels have attached great importance to the comprehensive implementation of the joint supervision mechanism of “land elimination coordination”. The special work office will coordinate and dispatch special inspection and supervision and hidden danger rectification throughout the whole process. All districts strictly implement their territorial management responsibilities, formulate work plans based on local conditions, and coordinate the promotion of special inspection and supervision work.

The meeting pointed out that although the special inspection and supervision work has achieved certain results, there are still problems such as untimely online entry, in-depth investigation of hidden dangers, and slow improvement of hidden dangers rectification. It is necessary to guide and encourage enterprises to seriously carry out self-examination, dare to “expose family scandals and find problems”, and will not punish any hidden problems found in self-examination and rectification has been implemented or rectification is being implemented as planned. If the self-inspection work is concealed and perfunctory, once the district-level cross-examination, city-level random inspection and ministerial-level inspection are found, they will be dealt with seriously in accordance with laws and regulations.

The meeting emphasized that the supervision and inspection team of the Ministry of Emergency Management will come to Tianjin to supervise and inspect the special inspection and supervision work of enterprises with major hazardous sources of hazardous chemicals in Tianjin. )”, “Detailed Rules for the Safety Risk Assessment of Oil and Gas Storage Enterprises (Trial)” and the criteria for determining the hidden dangers of major accidents, carry out on-site inspections enterprise by enterprise and item by item, promote the implementation of various measures for the safety management of major hazards with special inspection and supervision, and insist on preventing and resolving major hazards. Safety risks, resolutely curb major accidents, and provide safety guarantees for the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.