To increase the full biodegradable plastic market, Dawn completed the fundraising of 771 million yuan!

Latest News: Recently, Dawn shares issued a report on the issuance of non-public shares, and the total amount of funds raised from this issuance was about 771 million yuan. According to the previous announcement, Dawn shares
The net proceeds from this fixed increase will be used for the 120,000-ton/year fully biodegradable plastic PBAT project (Phase I), the Dawn Polymer Materials Southwest Headquarters Base Project (Phase I) and supplementary working capital.
Among them, the 120,000-ton/year fully biodegradable plastic PBAT project has a PBAT production capacity of 60,000 tons/year in the first phase and 60,000 tons/year in the second phase; the by-product THF purification and recovery phase is 6,600 tons/year and the second phase is 6,600 tons/year.

In recent years, the domestic biodegradable PBAT industry has developed rapidly, and Dawn has also increased its layout in this regard.
In March of this year, Dawn signed an investment cooperation agreement with a certain street in Qingdao, and planned to invest 500 million yuan to build the Dawn biodegradable material project in the local area. The project is divided into two phases.
Construction, mainly produces biodegradable raw material particles, flexible packaging products, biodegradable straws, knives, forks, spoons, lunch boxes and plates and other catering supplies.