To lose weight and lose weight, what material is used in Adient’s ultra-thin seat?

Latest News: Adient’s UltraThin has won the runner-up in the Future Lightweight category at the 2022 Altair Enlighten Awards.

According to reports, this ultra-thin seat is a new unique seat structure made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which has a high degree of comfort and support, and the overall structure is compact, which can save space and reduce weight.

Adient’s ultra-thin seat reduces profile volume by 30% and weight by 14%. (Picture from Adient)

“The Slim Seat is a major shift in traditional car seats from foam-trimmed seat structures to comfortable cushions and backrests made from recycled thermoplastic elastomers. It redefines the ‘meat-to-metal’ of car seat design value (that is, the minimum distance between the simulator and the seat frame on the comfort section). It reduces the thickness and weight through engineering mechanics and concave contour design.” Tom, chief engineer of Adient
Gould said.

Slim seats are available in all seating rows and in all vehicle segments. The automaker is working with Adient to co-develop the optimization of its existing seat structure. It can be applied to the front and rear of the car to meet different needs from basic models to luxury models.

Adient UltraThin was the runner-up in the Future Lightweight category at the 2022 Altair Enlighten Awards. (Picture from Adient)

Reduce low sitting height design height to 45mm

The panels that support the ultra-thin seat conform to the occupant’s posture, size and weight requirements. Thinner seat backs will save second-row passengers about 40mm of knee room. Thin support pads can make the low sitting height design height (block
height) to 45mm to make room for the battery pack. The technology will save 44mm of space per row of seats, reducing the overall weight of the vehicle. Other features include:

● 30% reduction in overall seat trim profile volume

● Ultra-thin packaging for ultimate comfort

● 10% reduction in the number of overall seat components.