TRS uses new technology to blend end-of-life tire powder into TPE/TPU resin

Latest: Switzerland-based Tyre Recycling Solutions
(TRS) has selected BUSS’ Compeo technology to implement its TRS Smart Blending concept. The new blending technology will help TRS convert its powder products (produced using recycled end-of-life tires) into valuable compounds on an industrial scale.

Based in Préverenges, BUSS conducted extensive market and technical research and finally chose Compeo blending technology. This technology was chosen because of its unique combination of powerful low shear mixing and a conical discharge pump arrangement to build pressure. The technical know-how gained by BUSS in handling elastomers – and the possibility of pilot production at its campus in Pratteln, Switzerland – helps TRS develop and evaluate its own products before committing to its own blending plant in early 2022.

TRS and BUSS will work together to develop the platform internationally by building more compound plants. By implementing a new blending solution from BUSS, the pair aims to contribute to solving the problem of approximately 1.5 billion tires being scrapped globally each year. By blending the powder of scrap tires obtained by TRS technology into TPE/TPU resin, the tires are recycled instead of scrap. Sustainable, performance-enhancing materials are created, adding value in some applications.

TRS’ high-performance materials require a specific, proprietary blending process of TPE/TPU-based resins with recycled rubber powder. The process helps to improve circularity in several fields and is used in a range of different applications in the automotive and construction industries.