Wacker Chemie introduces a new fast-curing self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber that forms a strong bond with polycarbonate

Latest: Wacker Chemie has launched a newly developed fast-curing, self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber (LSR) designed for two-component injection molding, which can be combined with Polycarbonate forms a strong bond. This liquid silicone rubber enables cost-effective mass production of multi-component parts for medical devices, automobiles and other fields. Wacker Chemie will present at the K
Introducing the Elastosil LR 3078 series at the 2022 show.

Elastosil LR
The grades in the 3078 series are formulated to chemically bond to the substrate during curing, but not to injection molding tools. The patented self-adhesive technology does not contain any BPA structure, and these grades do not contain any substances that could cause solid deposits to form in the mold during processing.

According to Wacker Chemie, the high curing speed of liquid silicone rubber enables shorter injection molding cycles. Furthermore, devices with complex geometries can be produced with high precision and do not require secondary machining. Therefore, Elastosil LR
The 3078 opens the way for further miniaturization of polycarbonate-silicone hybrid parts and completely new product designs.

The hardness of this product range is from 20 to 70 Shore
A range, all grades are translucent and can be tinted according to customer requirements. The compression set is very low, making this material suitable for sealing applications. When relaxing after high temperature compression, due to the elasticity of the material, use Elastosil
Parts molded from LR 3078 will experience minimal deformation. Therefore, the sealing lip will remain functional in the long term.

Cured Elastosil LR 3078 product is ISO 10993 and USP Class certified
Biocompatibility testing according to VI. They can also be repeatedly steam sterilized at 134°C without loss of mechanical properties or adhesion to polycarbonate.

Applications include transparent covers in automotive applications, housing covers for household appliances, and systems for medical diagnostics, automated drug delivery, minimally invasive diagnostics and surgical equipment.