Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia: The BDO industry will expand downstream, and the production capacity of degradable plastics will reach 3.16 million tons

Latest News: Wuhai is about to become the largest city of BDO in China. On July 27, the People’s Government of Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia announced “On Promoting High-end, Intelligent and Green Manufacturing Industry”
“Implementation Opinions on Development”, put forward the task of industrial transformation in Wuhai City, and cultivate new material industry clusters, including 3 million tons of degradable plastics industry clusters, 1 million tons of organic silicon industry clusters, etc.

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“Implementation Opinions”, Wuhai City will focus on the development of coal/calcium carbide → 1,4-butanediol (BDO) → degradable plastic (PBAT/PBS) deep processing industrial chain, and strive to reach 3.16 million biodegradable plastic production capacity by 2025 Tons, realize the output value of more than 100 billion yuan, form 3-5 well-known enterprises and brand products in the industry, and build Wuhai into an important biodegradable plastic base in my country.

Actively develop advanced steel materials, advanced silicon materials, advanced carbon materials, and advanced polymer materials. Focus on the development of high-end products such as high-performance plates, high-performance pipes, advanced rail transit materials, H-beams, and high-end castings; relying on the industrial advantages of photovoltaic materials and organic silicon materials, encourage polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon and organic silicon enterprises to extend the industrial chain and develop Downstream battery components, high-performance silicone products; actively deploy carbon fiber, composite carbon materials and other advanced carbon material industries, adhere to “diversification, high-end, recycling”, develop high-performance resin, high-end functional film and other materials, promote chemical industry Intermediate products extend coupling.

Regarding the development tasks of the new material industry, we will focus on the low-carbon industrial park and the Wuda industrial park, and focus on promoting the Inner Mongolia Junzheng Chemical Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 2 × 600,000 tons of BDO and an annual output of 2 × 1 million tons of PBAT/ PBS/PBT/PTMEG green environmental protection recycling industry first-phase project, Inner Mongolia Sunway New Materials Co., Ltd. annual output of 900,000 tons of BDO and degradable plastic integration project, Inner Mongolia Huaheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. PTMEG, PBAT new material industry integration project, Inner Mongolia Dongjing Bio-Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has completed and put into operation the PBS biodegradable polyester project with an annual output of 200,000 tons/year and the Guangjing 300,000-ton/year degradable plastic integration project. The chain extends downstream, the value chain climbs to the mid-to-high end, improves the development support of the industrial chain, improves the overall coordinated development and anti-risk capabilities of the industrial chain, and forms an industrial cluster that has begun to take shape.