Yangzhou’s first plastic replacement project with 80,000 tons of polylactic acid fiber production line entered the sprint stage

Latest News: On August 27, 2022, Shenyang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Touqiao Town, Guangling District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, came to the polylactic acid (PLA) project site of Dongfang Bay (Yangzhou) New Biomaterials Co., Ltd. to supervise Major project progress.

Yangzhou’s first plastic replacement project has entered the final “sprint stage”. After more than two years of construction, the main factory building has been basically completed, and now it is entering the final stage. Yang Jialong, chairman of Dongfangwan Holding Group, said that the project is expected to be put into trial operation by the end of October.

“The Dongdongwan project is one of the major provincial projects introduced by our town, and its investor Dongdongwan Holding Group is currently the only plain fiber enterprise in the world that mass-produces polylactic acid.” Shenyang said that the first phase of the project will start construction in 2020, and the land will be used for planning. 120 acres, with an investment of 800 million yuan, to build a polylactic acid fiber production line with an annual output of 80,000 tons, a polylactic acid modification base, and a biotechnology research institute. The second phase of the project will start in 2025, with a planned land area of ​​300 mu and an investment of 4.8 billion yuan to build a project of 120,000 tons of polylactic acid fiber and 200,000 tons of polylactic acid modified material.

“Polylactic acid is a new biodegradable material with broad market prospects.” Yang Jialong said that he chose to invest in Touqiao because of the industrial background of the medical equipment here: “Saline bags for infusion are still plastic products. We hope to be able to replace in this regard and become the upstream raw material supplier of medical equipment enterprises.”