Yongrong Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 100,000 tons of low-carbon recycling, and the new material project of raw liquid coloring PA6 is about to be put into production!

Latest News: On November 3rd, Yongrong Co., Ltd. held the groundbreaking ceremony of Jinyi Company’s Microfiber Phase A Line Project. After the completion of the first phase, it will achieve an annual output of 100,000 tons of low-carbon recycling, raw liquid The production scale of new materials of colored, functional and high-performance differentiated PA6 fibers. Chen Fei, director of Yongrong Co., Ltd., Wang Jiangen, general manager, and Chen Wei, assistant to the chairman, attended the ceremony and witnessed it together.

The construction of the project started from design, equipment selection, and the integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing represented by the Industrial Internet to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of the microfiber industry. Achieve independent production control and process optimization, and establish an Industry 4.0 digital-intelligent super factory that realizes multi-variety, multi-batch, high-quality, low-cost, flexible manufacturing, just-in-time production and rapid response.

It is reported that the Fujian Jinyi High Performance Materials Co., Ltd. invested and constructed by Yongrong Co., Ltd. plans to realize the full coverage of the high-performance fiber field, and is committed to leading, intelligent and intensive project technology. The four aspects of chemicalization, low-carbon and environmental protection are very effective. After the first phase is completed and put into production, it will achieve an annual production scale of 100,000 tons of low-carbon recycling, dope coloring, functional high-performance differentiated PA6 fiber new materials, and enrich the existing product structure. Accurately identify and make up for shortcomings, take innovative products with independent intellectual property rights as the starting point, combine the integration of new-generation information technology and manufacturing industry to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry, and build an Industry 4.0 digital and intelligent super factory that integrates the entire industry chain. In order to achieve the vision of “Civil Nylon Technology Leader” of Yongrong Co., Ltd., we will continue to make efforts, green + technology, and add wisdom wings to sustainable fashion. In technological innovation, we will promote the intelligent reform process of China’s nylon new material manufacturing, so as to further promote The traditional textile industry has been transformed into a sunrise industry, allowing “Made in China” to go to the world.