Zhejiang Chemical Industry Park expansion (the first batch) to be announced through the list

Latest News: According to the requirements of the “Notice on Carrying out the Re-evaluation and Expansion of the Chemical Park” (Zhejingxin Material [2022] No. 124), our department will work with the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, The Provincial Department of Construction, the Provincial Department of Transportation, and the Provincial Department of Emergency Management have organized relevant experts to review and conduct on-site inspections of chemical parks that have applied for expansion.

Any unit or individual who has any objection can submit it in writing to the Provincial Economic and Information Department within the publicity period, and provide the necessary supporting materials. In order to facilitate verification and verification and ensure that objections are handled in an objective and fair manner, the entity or individual raising objections shall indicate their true identities and provide valid contact numbers and addresses. If an objection is raised in the name of the unit, the legal representative of the unit must sign the written objection materials and affix the official seal of the unit; if an individual raises an objection, he must sign his real name. Any objection that is anonymous, impersonated or beyond the time limit will not be accepted.

Announcement period: November 02, 2022 – November 10, 2022

November 2, 2022