Zhuanghang Town, Fengxian District, conducts a large inspection of precursor chemicals enterprises

Recently, the Anti-Narcotics Office of Zhuanghang Town, together with the Ping An Office, the Police Station, the Safety Supervision and Environmental Protection Brigade, the Market Supervision Office, the Industrial Park and other departments, conducted a major inspection of the precursor chemicals enterprises within their jurisdiction, and signed a responsibility notice with the enterprises on the spot. .

This joint action mainly inspected the chemical entry and exit registration of the enterprise, the detailed ledger of use, the record of purchase and use, and the disposal of chemicals. In response to the hidden safety problems identified, the required chemical precursor chemicals are required to be within a specified period of time. Rectification, resolutely prevent the loss and theft of precursor chemicals, and ensure the stable and orderly production safety of the enterprise.

Relevant departments said that through this inspection, the safety management of precursor chemicals has been further standardized, the awareness of corporate responsibility has been improved, and the line of defense for safe production has been strengthened.