10 coal mines in Xinjiang included in the list of planned capacity increase

Recently, after preliminary approval by the National Development and Reform Commission, 10 coal mines in Xinjiang have been included in the list of planned capacity increase, which will further consolidate the basis for Xinjiang to guarantee the national energy supply.

It is understood that the companies involved in the list of increased production capacity include National Energy Group Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Tianchi Energy Co., Ltd., Guanghui Energy Co., Ltd., and Zhonglian Runshi Xinjiang Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Wait.

Among them, the Heishan Open-pit Coal Mine of National Energy Group Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd. is among them, and its production capacity will be increased from 13 million tons/year to 16 million tons/year.

According to the introduction of National Energy Group Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd., since 2019, the company has increased its production capacity twice, and the planned increase in production capacity will increase its production capacity by 22 million tons. So far, the approved production capacity of the company’s coal mines will reach 96.9 million tons, becoming the first coal enterprise in Xinjiang with a production capacity of nearly 100 million tons.

On June 19, the special meeting on increasing coal production and supply organized by the Xinjiang Development and Reform Commission made it clear that Xinjiang, as an important coal supply base in China, has an important strategic position in the country’s energy development. It is necessary to speed up the preliminary procedures for coal mine projects during the “14th Five-Year Plan”, and promptly go through the procedures for the nuclear increase of coal mine capacity with the potential to increase production, the environmental impact assessment of coal mining area planning and the approval of project environmental impact assessment, further release coal production capacity, and speed up the improvement of coal supply capacity.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen scientific organization and increase coal production and transportation under the premise of safe production. Coordinate the railway transportation of coal in Xinjiang and the outbound transportation of coal in Xinjiang, promote long-distance coal transportation “around the iron” and “distribution”, support the coal demand of brother provinces, regions and municipalities, make a good “combination punch” to increase coal production and supply, and meet the 20th National Congress with excellent results. .