Shanxi: No “one-size-fits-all” shutdown order should be issued due to individual coal mine accidents

Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Department issued the “Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the Province’s Package of Policies and Measures to Stabilize the Economy”, and put forward 15 specific measures from two aspects to ensure the success of the two key tasks of increasing coal production and supply and ensuring social livelihood. Finish.

In terms of increasing coal production and supplying coal, the “Implementation Rules” proposes to speed up the procedures for the safety permit for coal mines to increase production capacity and ensure supply. The energy and emergency management departments implement parallel examination and approval, carry out the review work simultaneously, and entrust the city and county emergency management departments to carry out on-site verification of the status of safety facilities; implement simplified examination and approval, and the provincial emergency management department will organize on-site review in a timely manner after the certificate is issued; implement time-limited examination and approval, Reduce the time limit for security clearance procedures from 55 working days stipulated by the state to 23 working days. It is necessary to do a good job in the safety production of coal mines, solidly promote key tasks such as the three-year special rectification of coal mine safety to tackle the root causes, and the major inspections, rectification and promotion of coal mine safety production, and promote the implementation of 15 measures of safety production in the coal mine field. A coal mine accident occurred. All localities shall not issue “one size fits all” regional production shutdown orders due to accidents in individual coal mines; for coal mines that have been shut down for rectification due to accidents or major hidden dangers, specific personnel must be given guidance to urge coal mines to rectify in accordance with laws and regulations and resume production as soon as possible.

In terms of ensuring social and people’s livelihood, the “Implementation Rules” proposes to carry out disaster verification, assessment and reporting in a timely manner. After a natural disaster occurs, emergency management departments at all levels in the disaster-stricken area assess the need for assistance in a timely manner according to the disaster situation; go deep into the disaster-stricken townships and villages to check and assess the disaster situation, and guide the disaster-stricken people’s life assistance work. It is necessary to allocate and distribute disaster relief funds in a timely manner, and make good use of the relief and subsidy funds allocated by the central and provincial finance.